Moomba residents berate MP, councillor

By Ben Mbangu in Monze

RESIDENTS of Moomba West ward in Monze district have passed a vote of no confidence in their member of parliament Fredrich Chatila and councillor Clement Hamakala for failing to take development to the people.

The residents, who spoke at a community meeting aimed at selecting projects for the council to implement in its 2020 developmental plan held at Kaumuzya East Primary School last Wednesday in Moomba Constituency, wondered what the two representatives were doing since they were voted into office.

The meeting was organised by Society for Gender Justice and Women Rights.

“We no longer want our MP and the councillor in 2021 because they have failed to deliver. They are just leaders in their homes and not to us. They are just enjoying money and have forgotten us,” said Caroline Mboozi said.

Another resident Margaret Moonze expressed disappointment that despite having representatives, nothing happened in the area.

“This Kaumuzya East Primary School is operating without water. There is no borehole here for about two years now but we have a councillor and MP. Their friends are using CDF to do such projects but them are not doing anything,” Moonze said.

She said lack of water at the institution hindered growth of the school.

“We need development here as well but the biggest problem we have is water. If our leaders can use CDF to put up boreholes here then we will be okay,” said Moonze.

Ward development committee chairperson Prudence Mazila thanked teachers at Kaumuzya East Primary School for sacrificing to work at an institution that had no water.

“It’s inhuman that teachers at this school and our children have been subjected to this situation. A population of more than 300 people without water is really unfortunate,” Mazila said.

Benita Moonga said pupils were at risk of contracting diseases if the situation was not addressed urgently.

“This year’s drought really put us in desperate situation. We fear that very soon there might be a disease outbreak at this school. We appeal to the government to quickly intervene because it’s not good for teachers to be fetching water from wells dug in dried up rivers,” said Moonga.

Dawson Chilala said people in the area were using oxcarts to fetch water due to lack of boreholes.
“We are sharing water sources with animals, and we are tired of being given fake promises by politicians,” said Chilala.

But area councillor Clement Hamakala said it was normal for people to complain when development delays.
“The MP and me are concerned about the water challenges in the entire constituency especially here at Kaumuzya East Primary School where there is no water at all,” he said.

Hamakala said people were always in a hurry to have things they wanted done hence their complaints.

“Yes we understand there is dire need for development and we are with you people, unless you want to divorce us. As politicians we do understand your challenges,” Hamakala said.

“As your leaders we are doing something and I don’t agree that we have failed. I have always been visiting you and listening to your problems. You will have to accept us in 2021 no matter what because we are your people. We will still come back to you in 2021 to ask for votes and we are not shaken at all by those threatening not vote for us again.”

He said he had always appealed to the government for development but nothing was happening.

“CDF doesn’t come hence challenges in delivering development. At the moment as leaders we are crying to government to respond to people’s needs. If government does not respond, then even the PF government is to blame for failing the people,” said Hamakala. “Let the national budget be useful to the people by fulfilling it. It’s a national plan hence certain things must be met. Otherwise ourselves we have always been positive but the government is letting us down.”

And Society for Gender Justice and Women Rights executive director Collins Mumba said quality life can only be achieved when there was total equality.

“As an NGO we are working in partnership with the council with sponsorship from GIZ to encourage people in communities to have a say in their development by using ward development committees to identify projects that they want to be done in their areas. Under decentralisation policy it is a must for citizens to have a voice in their development,” Mumba said. “Every October the council sits to plan on how to share development to all wards in the district and it is for this reason that this meeting has been called for to give you an opportunity to identify projects you want to be done so that as the council sits, the WDCs hand in your recommendations.”

He said no woman should walk a distance of more than 500 metres to fetch water.

“We have noted that girl children fail to concentrate in class because in the morning they go to fetch water before going to class because of the water challenges. This is what we don’t want. Teen pregnancies and early marriages come as a result of sending girls to fetch water in faraway places,” said Mumba.

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