Kapoche residents accost MP over PF chitenges

SOME electorates in Kapoche Constituency told off their member of Parliament Dr Charles Banda who was throwing PF branded chitenge materials at people he found on the road saying they need a road to be worked on and not political regalia.

“We don’t want these, we want the road. Can we walk on the vitenges with our sick relatives? Put efforts honorable, can’t you feel the bumps?” shouted some men at Petulo village while others scrambled for the materials thrown at them.

But when addressing Tantha residents, Dr Banda told them that the government had now received monies from World Bank to work on feeder roads in most critical communities.

He said Kapoche was one of the constituencies to benefit from the funds.

“We have been singing songs about the road. Now today I have come to tell you that the monies from World Bank to work on our roads is in our country, meaning we are now to see the work starting anytime soon. This will benefit us because even local youths will benefit through being employed in working in these roads. You can think whatever you can but the fact is that we have now money for the road,” he said.

Dr Banda called on the people to be united if development was to manifest in their communities.
He said unity and love were key to development.

And headman Katiyi Tobias Phiri thanked Dr Banda for the visit and he urged his subjects to be patient with government.

However, a resident, Joseph Zulu, interjected saying men were not well considered in terms of development but females.

He said it was the same females who should work on the roads and also vote when politicians need votes.

And a PF cadre Salamba Zulu slapped Tantha Primary School head teacher, who was attending the meeting, claiming he was making noise and accusing him of being drunk.

“True, I slapped him in the head as we were telling him to stop making noise but he continued and it’s sad to see that a civil servant is drunk and making noise in the presence of the MP and that is why I slapped him to silence him,” said Zulu.

And in interview after the tour, Dr Banda said government had started profiling most critical roads in rural parts of the country.

Dr Banda said most roads were in deplorable states, needing attention.

And Dr Banda, who is also local government minister, said he was a proud member of Parliament because he had delivered what people expected from him.

“I think am answering to the calls of many people in my area. This is my second time as a member of Parliament but I can assure you what we are doing now has never been done by previous leaders. Not that they failed but that us we have moved a step forward in service delivery to the people. We have sunk about 40 water points in various parts of the constituency, we have mended bridges and we have constructed new ones in some parts and not only that we have graded the Mtandaza road which is about 32 kilometres and placed culverts on the same stretch such that a total of K690,000 was used and talking about donations in churches and schools, we can’t even count,” Dr Banda bragged.

And Dr Banda said the PF was not violent and claimed in pursues clean politics.

“We are peaceful compared to our colleagues. When there is a by-election, it’s never PF that starts the violence, we are preaching peace, we are preaching unity and love even to those in opposition,” he said.

He added that in a democratic nation, it was not easy for people to have same view of things and differences would always be there.

“We are in a democratic nation and in democracy we can’t think all the same, we can’t like the same things at the same time that one we need to accept it. We have our part to do and opposition has its own part to do; that is why we are very much peaceful and like that we will go a very long way with our politics because we are doing clean politics,” Dr Banda said.

He also said people would mock the PF over the snake issue [President Edgar Lungu ate a snake snack during a military exercise recently] but they forget that a snake was food.

He said most Zambians had tested snakes when they travel outside Zambia.

He said a good leader was he who does what his subordinates expect of him.

“Let me tell you, snake is food, if you have not eaten a snake, go to China, they will serve you a snake. Majority of people who have traveled to China have eaten snakes because it’s considered a fish only that it stays on land. There is completely nothing with that (president eating a snake) unless they have not travelled. Those officers are special forces who will live in the bush without food and they are trained to identify anything which they can take as food and if they identify a snake to be food they will kill and eat” explained Dr Banda.

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