FAZ official threatens to sue Kamanga, Kashala

KITWE-BASED FAZ executive committee member Elijah Chileshe has threatened to sue FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and general secretary Adrian Kashala.

According to a letter by Chileshe’s lawyers GM Legal Practitioners addressed to Kamanga and Kashala seen by the Mast Sports, Chileshe – popularly known as ‘Shenko’ – is demanding a public apology from the duo over a newspaper article that quoted Kashala alleging that Chileshe acted inappropriately by reporting the missing server at Football House.

“We advise that we act on behalf of Mr Elijah Shenko Chileshe and as such note our interest in this matter. In an article published in the Sunday Times dated 28th July 2019, you are reported to have alleged through the FAZ secretary general that our client acted ultra vires the rules by reporting the theft of a server at Football House and that our client had selfish motives in doing so with the aim of destabilising the running of football to his pleasure. In the same article you also alleged that our client’s action was divisive and unethical and has brought the name of the association into disrepute,” reads the letter in part.

The letter also argues that Chileshe’s actions were of good intentions aimed at running football transparently.

“Our client takes great exception to the aforesaid allegations as the same have tainted our client’s name in the eyes of right-thinking members of society. Our client’s actions were of good intentions and aimed at ensuring that football is run in a transparent manner for the good of the game,” reads the letter.
“Our instructions are to demand for a written public apology and retraction of the aforesaid allegations within five days from the date of receipt of this letter in default we have firm instructions to commence legal proceedings against yourselves in your individual capacities. Kindly acknowledge receipt,” read the letter in full.

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