Cuba monitoring Russia’s growing role – Diaz-Canel

PRESIDENT Miguel Diaz-Canel says Cuba is closely monitoring the growing role that Russia is playing to break the superiority that the United States is trying to establish.

During bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday, he said his working visit to Moscow was very important.

“A visit to Russia was my first foreign visit to the European region after I was elected President of the Republic of Cuba. I think it is symbolic for the world; it is a sign of the priority of our relations with Russia,” President Diaz-Canel said.

He said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s trip to Cuba in early October meant a lot for Havana.

“It was a very interesting and positive visit marked by the fact that a top official visited our country in challenging times when the United States is escalating its aggression against Cuba. This visit showed that Russia and Cuba’s positions remain unchanged under threats from the United States. Also, we had the opportunity to evaluate the progress in implementing our projects during his visit,” he informed his host. “More ideas about new areas of cooperation and new projects appeared during the visit. I would like to say that there are moments dedicated to Russia in our daily routine and feelings. Primarily, because we are closely monitoring the growing role that Russia is playing in order to break the superiority that the United States is trying to establish. We are also monitoring Russia’s progress and our projects with Russia on a daily basis.”

President Diaz-Canel conveyed Raul Castro’s “warm” regards to President Putin.

“I would like to confirm that the process our country is going through under the leadership of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and Army General [Raul Castro], the advent of a new generation to leadership positions in our country shows the commitment of this generation to the revolution, and, as we indicated, it represents the generation of followers,” he said. “This principle of continuity also includes our historical ties and expanded relations with Russia. I take this opportunity to reopen the invitation to visit our country whenever you find it possible.”

President Diaz-Canel accepted the invitation to take part in the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism next year, in Russia.

“It is a holiday for Russia, but it is also a holiday for the entire world, mainly in terms of its importance to the entire world,” he said.

President Diaz-Canel said new areas of cooperation were opening up.

He said he had devoted part of his visit to gaining information about many issues.

“This is also why we visited the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg. Our minister of Energy visited the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. We have ideas and proposals that we will work through together,” said President Diaz-Canel. “We are very excited by how our projects and programmes are being implemented.”
On the invitation to visit Havana, President Putin promised to “definitely use it.”

“Please convey my best wishes to Comrade Castro,” he said.

President Putin said Cuban-Russian relations were so well known.

“Our permanent contacts continue at the highest level as well as at a high level. We are actively cooperating and supporting one another on the international arena,” he noted. “Russia has always had a particularly good understanding for Cuba’s independent stand and sovereign policy.”

President Putin noted that last year trade grew by 33 per cent.

“Obviously, taking into consideration the conditions which Cuba finds itself in it is far from easy to solve various economic and social issues but on the whole you are coping with them well,” said President Putin. “We are delighted to point out the further consolidation of Cuban statehood.”

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