Lungu can’t win in 2021 without rigging, manipulation and violence

Edgar Lungu cannot win the 2021 elections without massive rigging, violence and manipulation of the electoral processes.

The public distaste for Edgar is growing by the day. And this is not a momentary dissatisfaction with his performance and conduct. Zambians are starting to feel they have been short-changed by the Patriotic Front. This is not the type of leadership they had hoped for. And indeed, they are justified in feeling that way. From whichever angle one looks at it, Edgar’s presidency is a big flop, disaster. He is not up to the job.

Edgar is morally, politically and intellectually bankrupt. He is functionally illiterate.

But what could one reasonably expect from a person who totally failed to run a small law firm! A lawyer who used to go to court drunk and not knowing what stage the case he was handling had reached. He often had to be helped by lawyers from the other side. And this is not malice. It’s something that can be confirmed by many lawyers and his own clients. No wonder the Law Association of Zambia had to stop him from practicing law in Zambia for stealing a client’s money.

And this the person the Patriotic Front picked from the garbage dump to make president! Why? Greed! Corruption! They wanted a weak and useless president so that they can use him to steal and enrich themselves. And in that respect Edgar has delivered. His sponsors are all very rich today.

But what did this mean for the country? Total ruination! Economically, socially and politically the country is in intensive care unit (ICU).

Edgar has run government coffers dry and they have put the country in frightening indebtedness. Today government has serious problems paying salaries and suppliers! The economy is in shambles. Businesses are closing! Jobs are being lost! Despair is setting in.

Socially, the problems are starting to manifest themselves in families breaking down. As Dr Fred M’membe, recently observed, many families are failing cope. The poor and the well-to-do are all starting to feel the tribulation.

Politically, Edgar and his minions are starting to panic. Fearing electoral defeat, they are trying to freeze opposition and civil society political activity. They have ordered the police not to issue any permits for rallies, protests or demonstrations. And they are resorting to more and more intolerance and violence in an attempt to cripple opposition and silence critics.
Where will this end?

It’s not surprising that today there’s talk of Edgar not standing in 2021. Even the worst fool cannot fail to see that there’s no chance of Edgar winning in 2021 without fraud, manipulation and violence. Even those in the Patriotic Front are starting to get worried, frightened.

Under such circumstances, the most prudent thing for Edgar to do is to abandon his third term bid.

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