Lungu is afraid to face the nation – Ng’uni

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is afraid to face the nation to address many burning issues that are negatively affecting Zambians such as load-shedding and high cost of mealie-meal, says Winnerson Ng’uni.

And Ng’uni says the press statement issued by Zesco to the effect that the 15-hour load-shedding will remain effective until repair works to a 150-megawatt generator at Maamba Collieries are completed was a sign of a government whose President had revealed that he has no vision.

Ng’uni, the Southern Province UPND publicity secretary, also says PF cadres are feeling the heat of the country’s harsh economic status.

In an interview, Ng’uni challenged President Lungu to call for an urgent press conference at State House and allow both international and local media houses to ask him questions.

“Our first Head of State Dr Kenneth Kaunda never feared to address the nation when faced with challenges and he allowed all media houses [to cover the event]. Of course under pressure we all saw how he avoided certain questions by telling journalists to sit down after asking what he thought was a ‘stupid question’,” he said. “But currently our man is not strong enough to face questions from the media on strong issues affecting Zambians such as his poor governance marred with corruption and the evil social and economic effects hitting Zambians such as high mealie-meal costs and the evils of load-shedding.” Ng’uni noted that since assuming office, President Lungu had not even addressed the nation on TV over critical issues.

He said Dr Kaunda was a regular visitor to the ZBS – now ZNBC studios – to address the nation on several matters.

In a statement dated October 30, 2019 by Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu, the company stated that the outage period for the generator which was taken out at Maamba Collieries Limited (MCL) 12 days ago had been extended until further notice due to “unforeseen circumstances” encountered during repair works.

Zesco added that this therefore means that the current load shedding of 15 hours daily would remain effective until the repair works are completed.

But Ng’uni said this was discouraging especially to small-scale entrepreneurs who depend on power to earn a living.

He said hairdressers and welders have been forced out of business.

“Our young men and women are out of business, butcheries are closing down as they can’t freeze beef while those at State House continue to drink chilled beer as they are supplied with light using taxpayers’ money and since Zesco can’t cut power to that house. It’s ‘parte after parte’ in PF high ranking corridors while PF members are being reversed by ‘Dununa’ in all aspects of life. Please, brothers in PF, grow up. Our people are starving and can’t afford to pay certain rentals and taxes,” said Ng’uni.

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