WE’LL FEAST ON LUNGU…if he’s still pursuing his third term, warns Sejani

THERE is ‘civil war’ in PF, says Ackson Sejani.

The former local government minister says if President Edgar Lungu is “playing games but is still pursuing his third term, I say let him come on so that we can feast on him.”

He stresses that a third term is “an unpardonable sin” in Zambia.

Sejani says reports circulating that President Lungu intends to “chicken out” of the presidential race in 2021 makes very interesting reading.

Sejani noted that anyone who would be picked by President Lungu to be his successor: “will have been given a kiss of death, owing to the unpopularity of the annointer.”

On Wednesday, The Mast reported that President Lungu does not intend to stand in the 2021 general elections.

Chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba districts in Southern Province was the source of the article.

“I have trusted information to the fact that President Edgar Lungu wants to go the Frederick Chiluba style but wants to select one who will not turn his back against him as did Levy Mwanawasa,” said Mukuni.

“He (President Lungu) has since engaged Bemba-speaking chiefs and I understand that he has floated names to the traditional leaders in the Bemba land who have since told him to remove the name of health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya as he was from Luapula. This has left names such as Chishimba Kambwili, KBF (Kelvin Bwalya Fube) and the finance minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu. So, I would not be
surprised as to the reason why Kambwili said that the PF and President Lungu are not his enemies.”

Sejani asked what President Lungu had suddenly seen which he was not seeing when he was manoeuvring to carve out an illegal third term of office, at great national cost.

“What was in his mind when he was printing those exercise books, the ‘ECL’ branded vehicles?” Sejani asked in an interview with The Mast.

“Why did he decide to fight the whole country in pursuit of Bill number 10 if he knew that he will not be standing? Why did he choose to soil his reputation by fighting the Church mother bodies over the national dialogue?”

He also wondered why the President was unleashing violence in the country if it was not for his personal political survival.

“Why has he expelled all potential contenders for PF presidency?” he asked, stressing that President Lungu had wreaked so much political and financial havoc in pursuit of his illegal third term.

“So we are forced to ask what has happened suddenly for him to change course. If the reports are true, then we can say a few things. The first one we can say is that this decision is not made voluntarily by Mr Chagwa Lungu.”

Sejani explained that President Lungu was so insecure to opt out of the presidential race in 2021 because: “he believes no one is trustworthy to look after him.”

“So, this is definitely not a voluntary decision. We would argue that forces more powerful than him from both within the PF and outside the PF have operated to force him to make such a belated decision when some irreversible damage to his personal standing and the standing of his party has been done,” he argued.

“He has, at long last, remembered that he once studied some law and therefore now discovers that his third term is unconstitutional? I don’t think so! The man has forgotten his tutorials in law. Is it the heating internal power struggle within PF? This could be a factor!”

He wondered who was going to resurrect the dream of the late Michael Sata in Lungu’s PF today.

Sejani observed that all Sata loyalists had either been expelled or sidelined and rendered “politically-impotent while the anti-Sata MMD group is now running the show.”

“Have the ‘Sataists’ re-grouped to try and reclaim their party? Great possibility! If that is the case, then Mr Lungu will not be allowed to pick his MMD-aligned successor. The battle lines are drawn within PF. This civil war within PF will leave it in tatters and the blame lies squarely on Mr Lungu,” he said.

He indicated that Zambians would not want another leader singing from President Lungu’s “Machiavellian hymnbook.”

“We have had enough of this style of leadership anchored on subterfuge and gangsterism. However, if he is playing games but is still pursuing his third term, I say let him come on so that we can feast on him. A third term is an unpardonable sin in Zambia!” said Sejani.

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