Kutumpa! This is unacceptable dictatorship, tyranny!

It really doesn’t make sense for the police to mobilise so many officers from Mansa to teargas a peaceful rally in Samfya.

They have officers to disrupt a peaceful rally but do not have officers to protect it!

This simply exposes the Edgar Lungu dictatorship’s decision not to allow opposition rallies.

Why disrupt a peaceful rally? The late unjustified withdrawal of the permit grated on Friday to Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party is stupid. Kutumpa!

It costs money to organise a rally. It is not something that should just be stopped arbitrarily at the last minute. It’s not fair for the police to place a heavy financial loss on any citizen or organisation.

Riot police officers in Samfya on Saturday fired blank gun shots, and tear gas canisters to stop Kalaba from addressing a political rally.

This was witnessed by journalists from New Vision, The Mast, News Diggers and Prime TV. The journalists were caught up in the stinging smoke.

Police initially sanctioned the rally but they, reportedly, cancelled it late on Friday.

This is not the way to run a multiparty democracy. This is dictatorship! This is tyranny! This is not about Kalaba and his party! This is about our collective freedom of assembly and expression! And we must all denounce Edgar’s dictatorship and tyranny! We must all fight this unacceptable behaviour!

But as Bob Marley put it in a reggae rhythm, they are playing smart and not being clever, they’re working iniquity to achieve vanity. No weak heart shall prosper.

Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it, shall fall in it, shall bury in it.

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