No sole candidate, PF is going to convention – Mpundu

MMD chaps eating in PF should not massage the PF constitution and start calling for sole candidates, says PF founder member Johnson Mpundu.

He says PF will go to convention and all positions would be contested.

Mpundu has also questioned the likes of Mufulira Central member of parliament Evans Chibanda why he is obsessed with little power.

Last week, a caucus of members of parliament from the ruling Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt requested the party through the office of the secretary general not to go to a convention in 2020.

The parliamentarians said going for a national convention to choose the party’s presidential candidate for 2021 general elections would not be necessary because there is already a consensus on President Edgar Lungu.

Caucus chairperson Evans Chibanda told ZNBC news that the MPs have instead asked the PF secretary general Davies Mwila to call for a General Council in which President Lungu would be picked as a sole candidate.

The Mufulira lawmaker, who was flanked by Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi and Nchanga MP Chali Chilombo, said Copperbelt MPs have also reaffirmed their endorsement for the President Lungu as the PF’s 2021 presidential candidate.

Over the weekend, Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe who is also Chongwe member of Parliament said the PF should not hold the convention because President Edgar Lungu was the sole candidate.

But in an interview, Mpundu who worked with Michael Sata to form the PF asked MMD “chaps to tame their excitement”.

“These chaps should not be very happy. I think slowly power is getting into their heads. What is it that they know about the PF? What are they that they can say we don’t go for the convention? These are the same chaps that have failed to work and are making the PF unpopular on the Copperbelt,” Mpundu said.

He said the conduct of the MPs calling for a no convention is questionable.

“Just look at Evans Chibanda (Mufulira MP). Look at Frank Ng’ambi (Chifubu MP). These are chaps that insulted old man Sata while they were in MMD. What can they say about the PF? For Chibanda, he is looking for survival and adoption in 2021. The man has literally done nothing for his constituency. For Ng’ambi, he is in court for beating up his wife, so he knows what awaits him,” Mpundu said. “President Edgar Lungu is not fooled by these people. They are the ones telling lies to the President that things are well on the Copperbelt. These people don’t mean well for PF. They can even defect at the hands of a PF loss.”

He said the constitution of the PF is so clear about the convention.

Mpundu said Mwakalombe should be the least to talk about the convention.

“To the minister of the Copperbelt, what has he done for both the people and the ruling party? Completely nothing, these people just want to put a fake smile on the face of the President. They don’t mean well for PF. In fact, I want President Lungu to fire Mwakalombe over this. To those MPs they should not even be adopted,” said Mpundu.

“For PF we are going for the convention and any member is welcome to challenge any position. President Lungu as party leader should not entertain these people that will make him unpopular.”

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