KCE students bemoan ‘sex-for-grades’ vice

[By Kelvin Siabana]

SEVERAL female students at Kasama College of Education (KCE) say the trend by some male lecturers to trade marks for sexual favours with some of their colleagues is a demoralising factor in studying at the institution.

They said it was disheartening to continue learning at the college where they were not viewed as students but sex objects.

The students said that management at the college was aware of the happenings as some bold students had reported the named male lecturers but nothing had been done so far to remedy the situation.

The students, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being expelled, said all students were at the institution to learn and graduate on merit and not through sexual favours.

They said some male lecturers were threatening female students that if they refuse to sleep with them, they would fail.

They said the sex-for-grades issue was degrading the integrity of Kasama College of Education.

The students said they regarded their male lecturers as parents or guardians but feel they were not protected.

They said the accused lecturers were moving scot-free at the institution.

“How are we going to learn in an environment where the people we have entrusted with our education’s future are the ones contributing highly to the gender based, sexual violence to us, because they consider us to be tools of sex and which we are not,” they said.

“We have appealed to the police to investigate thoroughly the matter and any male lecturer who will be found wanting should immediately face the wrath of the law and blacklisted for life from lecturing at any college of education, either public or private,” they said.

This came to light when general education minister David Mabumba paid a courtesy call on Northern Province deputy permanent secretary Captain Davison Mulenga at his office.

And Mabumba expressed disappointment with the sex-for-grades issue, describing it as a huge embarrassment.

He said he had received text messages and reports from concerned people over the matter and there was need to discipline the lecturers involved.

Meanwhile, Mabumba advised people to stop encroaching on the college land.

Mabumba said that the college land was reserved for developmental purposes.

“The council should let the people who were doing some constructions on the land of the learning institution to know that they are erecting up the structures at their own peril,” Mabumba said.

Mabumba said the land was property of the State.

He advised the college to get title deeds for the college to prevent unnecessary encroachment by some unscrupulous people.

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