Marketing is the driving force in attaining economic growth – Chiteme

WE have potential to grow as a country but only if we accept that knowledge and skills are the fulcrum in the value chain, says national development planning minister Alexander Chiteme.

During the 23rd annual marketing conference under the theme ‘Scaling Up the Marketers’ Role In Driving Strategic Growth’, Chiteme said the government places much emphasis on knowledge transfer and skills development because it was now a knowledge age, and the entire human capital requires new knowledge.

He said the global village was now competing on enhanced skills and superior knowledge that enhanced innovation.

“To be competitive as a country, we need skilled manpower, equipped with superior knowledge and skills, to aid in building a competitive edge for ourselves as we strive to make a mark at global level,” Chiteme said. “Knowledgeable economies are leading the world in all spheres of innovation and our country must strive to match up to the trends. We have potential to grow as a country but only if we accept that knowledge and skills are the fulcrum in the value chain. This is why I am delighted to note that you have continued to successfully hold such forums for the past twenty-two years.”

He said the government’s role was to provide oversight and lead in terms of setting the pace for economic development.

Chiteme said the government had for instance developed various policy documents and plans to foster the harnessing of local effort and skills.

He said the relevance of any professionals lies in their ability to respond to the general call of the public and contribute positively to the national agenda.

“I must emphasise that government draws its strength from the citizenry hence the responsibility to move our country forward lies on all of us and in this regard, professionals such as yourselves must take the lead,” said Chiteme.

“We know that marketing, if applied creatively, emerges as the major driving force in attaining economic growth. It is for this reason that marketers in particular and indeed business practitioners in general need to be reminded that good marketing practice is the major prerequisite to positive growth.”

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