Zesco United can be self-sustaining – Muyuni

WE have heard the cries of our customers and are looking at making Zesco United FC self-sustainable, says the power utility’s service analyst Sara Muyuni.

Commenting on submissions by Livingstone residents against Zesco’s application to vary electricity tariffs and revise connection charges, Muyuni said the club has the capacity to be self-sustaining.

She was responding to Margaret Whitehead and Phinius Munene who spoke against the cost of running a football club at the expense of transferring such costs to customers by increasing tariffs.

Munene noted that the winning bonuses for Zesco United players were more than a head teacher’s salary.

“…and today they are telling us that they are making a loss (as a power company)!” Munene said.

Responding to the duo’s sentiments, Muyuni who is from Zesco Limited’s business development department, said an announcement would soon be made on the way forward for Zesco United.

“We have heard the cries of our customers and we are looking at making Zesco United FC self-sustainable. You will hear about it very soon or in the near future. They have been winning and can be self-sustaining themselves,” said Muyuni.

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