Kalaba says Zambians now know PF tricks

HARRY Kalaba says Zambians should not be in a quandary about a Republican presidential candidate because he is there.

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) president has told voters that time to show the PF that they cannot buy the ruling party’s lies is now.

“Let’s start telling off the PF that we know their tricks now. Kalaba epo ali (Kalaba is now around). Mwalecula na (you used to suffer with a) choice iyakwa (for a) president ninshi nshilaisa (before I came on the scene), nomba ninjisa (I’m here now). Elo fwebamo ninjipaya nkubolele (for some of us, it’s an issue of kill me I rot for you),” Kalaba said, in Icibemba, on Kwithu radio’s Nkhani Yathu programme yesterday.

“Mwisumina ukumibepa ubufi kuli ba PF (don’t accept lies from the PF). They know that elections are nearing and they are somewhat allowing street vendors to get back on the streets. But if they win the elections, they will send paramilitary….”

He expressed disbelief that President Edgar Lungu opted to buy a jet: “at K1.5 billion,” against Zambia’s numerous problems.

“If they got that amount and pumped it into Zesco, would there have been load-shedding today? They opted to buy a jet so that they can be travelling faster because they were not stretching well in the other plane,” Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, said.

“How can you spend K1.5 billion for the travelling comfort of the President?”

Kalaba added that in Tanzania, President John Magufuli refused to procure himself a jet but that he chose to buy planes for the national airline there and: “they have four, five planes now.”

“When is he travelling to another country, President Magufuli flies in the economy class and when he goes to a meeting, nefyo alanda filaumfwika nokumfwika (he talks about logical things). But our President decided to buy a jet for himself!” he laughed.

“Today, they want to import power from South Africa! So, there is no climate change in South Africa? Ala uwawa tabula akabepesho (a failure always has a justification).”

Kalaba further pointed out that the PF government, under the auspices of President Lungu, did not have well-thought priorities.

“How are people going to live when there is no power? Then you hear someone saying ‘ifwe nipa bwato cabe (for us it’s just on the boat). You simply look and wonder whether such a one is under the influence of something. Affliction in the compounds is now worse!” lamented Kalaba.

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