Bad manners

I really want to be laconic today. Economic times are hard; that’s why my sisters, at night, queue up on Chaholi, Joseph Mwilwa, Omelo Mumba and other roads in Rhodes Park area in Lusaka. The same happens around Long Acres. Don’t ask me where else!

But it’s not only my sisters who are selling. My brothers, too, are on the market shelf, at night, around the UTH area in Lusaka. Yes, there are mummies with fatter wallets who go out, in search of broke but strong muscles.
None of these nocturnal duties which sisters and brothers are engaging in is inspiring. It’s all bad manners!
It doesn’t happen in Lusaka only; it’s the same ku Ndola, Livingstone, Katima Mulilo (Sesheke), Kitwe and everywhere else. Bad manners, still.

You could be skill-full at heavy-petting. But there are other decent survival means. Text for advice!

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