Lungu’s media tyranny boomerang

Edgar Lungu says he believes there cannot be democracy and development in a country without a free media.

This is according to his press aide Isaac Chimpampe.

“I am happy to meet the men and women of the media. Their role and ours is to drive the country’s development agenda forward. So the men and women of the Fourth Estate and ourselves as government should work together for the good of the country,” says Edgar, according to Chimpampe.

These must be Chimpampe’s words put in Edgar’s mouth.

These can’t be Edgar’s words. Edgar has not shown any respect for press freedom. He is a worst dictator, tyrant Zambia has ever seen. There’s no Zambian president who has brutalised and abused the media than Edgar.

How many newspapers, television and radio stations has Edgar permanently or temporarily closed?

Edgar has monopolised state owned and government controlled news media outlets to such an extent that they have completely lost public appeal, respect or credibility and few read, view or listen to them. Even privately owned news media outlet aligned to him have lost readership, viewers or listeners. Now he has to resort to television and radio stations and newspapers he had tried to stifle or kill to reach the masses of our people. That is what selfishness does to people!

Edgar is today trying to get closer to the privately owned media he tried to destroy. Why? He is desperate!
Edgar has rendered the state owned news media outlets he controls totally useless, ineffective. He now needs the news media outlets outside his control to reach the voters.

The independent and privately owned news media outlets should not allow themselves to be corrupted and end up like that now useless newspaper owned by a former corruption convict which had hired itself out to Edgar.

Edgar is up to no good. He is a desperate politician trying to find ways of surviving. How can he have respect for press freedom when he is everyday violating our people’s freedom of expression, speech and assembly? He is a liar who should not be trusted.

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