Chipata man commits suicide over K70 debt

A 28-YEAR-OLD man of chief Chanje in Chipangali district has committed suicide after receiving a police callout over failure to settle a K70 debt.

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipangali district confirmed the incident.

“I received this report from Chimwembe village where this young man, Andrew Tembo, who had only two children took poison upon receiving a
police callout from Mugubudu police over the debt he had. So he took the poisonous substance that is used to fumigate maize,” he said.

Chanje said Tembo committed suicide on Thursday and was buried on Friday.

“This is very unfortunate because K70 is a small amount of money that could have been settled. I think people should refrain from taking their lives in such a manner. This was a young man who the parents looked up to. Committing suicide is not a solution, he would have gone
to police and see how that issue was going to be discussed and settled,” he said.

Chanje said at some point, the issue was discussed at his palace.

“We discussed this issue and we advised the deceased to settle the debt and he agreed. So I think after the owner of the money discovered
that the deceased was delaying, that’s when he went to police to report the matter. Now when Tembo received the callout, his mother told him
not to worry because they would escort him to police. So they agreed that everything was okay and that they would go and discuss the issue
at the police station. When his mother moved out of the yard, he took some poison and he died upon arrival at Lukuzye clinic,”
 said Chanje.

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