This is not end of the journey, says Mutati

FELIX Mutati says God has been kind with him and still believes He has a plan for him.

Speaking to reporters after attending a church service at Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ) Kafue Town Congregation yesterday, Mutati who lost the MMD party contest to Nevers Mumba, said the past week has been a very difficult one.

But Mutati wished Mumba that in the “endeavours that he will take going forward, God be with you and that is what Ubuntu (humanity) is all about.”

“The central message for me today was around service. It does not matter what you do, if you place yourself at the centre of service to serve the people, in whatever capacity, you are going to make a difference,” he said.

“The message from the pastor was clear to say no matter how dark that cloud may be, it will never last forever, we simply say glory be to God for His mercy and protection. May I also say that God has been kind to me in my life…to make whatever contribution and difference that I have made to the people of Zambia but also to ask for his forgiveness that I am only human. In my journey to deliver service, I may have stepped on people’s toes. I may not have delivered a full commitment, the judgment for that is in the hands of God.”

Mutati said he “may be at the bottom today, but like the priest said, God has a plan for all of us”.

“So I believe God has a plan for me. The past week has been a very difficult week. Not only for me but for the people that supported me, for the party, MMD. Trying times, but what gave me the strength was the support rendered to me, the belief that was deposited in me,” he said.

“On November 5, a judgment was delivered, that judgment we respect and we are not going to appeal because God has a plan for all of us. We cannot remain on the same path, a path where we continue to fight and quarrel. There are other ways we can serve this country.”

The former works and supply minister indicated that he remained open to any rational political options that were progressive, sustainable and centred on service and on addressing various challenges and problems that Zambians were facing.

“We cannot resolve the problems of this country if we put ambition ahead of Ubuntu. We must put ubuntu ahead of ambition,” Mutati said, adding that he would be consulting on what path to take going forward.

“It’s not my path but our path and the torch bearer will always be God. While as we feel hurt, depressed, let God touch us because this is not the end of the journey. This is the end of only but one chapter. Another door of opportunity shall certainly open.”

He added that he did not know what the future held but that “we know it’s God who holds it.”

“I also wish my friend Dr Nevers Mumba that in the endeavours that he will take going forward, God be with you and that is what ubuntu is all about. I thank my colleagues in the party; we have travelled together, let us hold on strong, nobody has won and nobody has lost. We are all fighters to the common cause to make a difference to the lives of the people of Zambia,” said Mutati.

“It doesn’t matter which direction you are shooting from, but provided at the centre of that journey you put the people first. That is what matters. I say to God, help all of us and let God have his protection of us.”

Church resident Pastor Lovemore Daka encouraged Mutati not to give up on hope.

“Honourable Mutati, God has a plan for you, don’t lose hope, soldier on. No matter what people say about you, don’t mind them, it’s God with the final say. Remain focused on your calling from God which is service to the community,” said Daka.

Mutati delivered roofing materials for a hall which he had promised the church in February this year.

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