Roll-up your sleeves, 2021 won’t be for children – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani has told PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza that he must roll-up his sleeves because the political campaigns in 2021 will not be for children.

The former Mapatizya member of parliament and ex-local government minister, was quoted in The Mast on Monday saying there was ‘civil’ war in the PF.

But the PF, through Mwanza, described Sejani as a mere “tribal nonentity” whose only contribution to Zambia was “the violent tribal Mapatizya formula.”

Mwanza charged that Sejani could not revive his dead political life by being the chief noise-maker of the UPND.   
Sejani has now responded to Mwanza and is: “very glad” that his message reached “political opportunists in PF like Antonio Mwanza and his tribal giants now dividing the country.” 

“Tell him that we would have nothing to do with PF and its leadership if they were not pretending to be in charge of our affairs in Zambia,” Sejani said in an interview. 

“For as long as they rule this country, I am afraid, they will have us all to contend with. Tell Antonio that we will celebrate the candidature of Mr Lungu and that is why I said we shall have a feast.”

He expressed delight that his message had unsettled the “opportunistic fringe” which made the PF unpopular. 

Sejani added that such “fringe,” was represented by people like Mwanza, who were reaping what they never sowed. 

“This group is the face of betrayal that has destroyed Mr [Edgar] Lungu in the face of genuine PF members,” Sejani said.

“You will know this opportunistic fringe by how talkative it is in its desperate attempt to endear itself so as to remain relevant. This fringe has no principles as it practices politics of convenience rather than politics of conviction. Thank God Zambians now know this group of politicians because under PF, they have perfected the art of opportunism and taken it to new levels.” 

He insisted that there was civil war in the PF and that the signals were there for all to see. 

Sejani pointed out that the cause of the civil war was an opportunistic group that had invaded the PF after the demise of Michael Sata, “whom they were insulting day-in and day-out.” 

“The ultimate betrayal in PF is shunting out of the original members by Mr Lungu, in preference to those outsiders who were insulting Mr Sata,” Sejani noted.

“This is what is causing so much bitterness in PF. If Antonio wants us to stop commenting on PF affairs, they must resign their positions in government.”

He said even if those in the PF government resigned their positions, “we will not stop commenting on their affairs, for as long as they are a political party wanting to contest for political power in Zambia.” 

“This is the same right that allows them to comment on opposition parties, even when these parties are not in power. This position should not be too difficult for people like Antonio to understand. So, Mr Antonio Mwanza must roll up his sleeves because the campaign in 2021 will not be for children,” noted Sejani.

“Also remind Antonio that the third term interpretation in 2021 will not be in the Constitutional Court but in the social political arena where Zambians will decide whether they want a third term of corruption, hunger, load-shedding, delayed salaries, division, betrayal, land grabs and a third term of hopelessness.”

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