Apuleni asks PF to admit failure

FORMER Choma district commissioner Laiven Apuleni says President Edgar Lungu used the media interaction at State House on Friday to exhibit the usual arrogance those in the PF are known for.

Apuleni was Sinazongwe district commissioner from 2003 to 2008 and held the same position in Choma from 2008 to June 2011.

He contested the Mbabala parliamentary seat in the 2011 general elections but lost to UPND’s Ephraim Belemu.

Apuleni regretted that the President chose to merely acknowledge that the government had no ‘immediate solution to the energy problem we are facing.’

“But he emphasised to the nation that we should be ready to pay more! Regrettably, the President used this interactive forum to exhibit the usual common PF arrogance of power,” Apuleni told The Mast.

“The President chose to shy away from taking decisive action on rampant corruption in the civil service.”
He wondered how an already over-taxed citizenry could be expected to pay more.

Apuleni noted that Zambia’s socio-economic hardships were not as a result of the country lacking resources.

“Zambia is not poor but rather our greatest challenge in the last few years has been greed, corruption, abuse of public resources and total leadership weakness. No country can run well when you have a weak leadership!” he explained.

“There is, however, still room to do the correct thing and that is simply [to] admit failure.”

Apuleni told the PF government that there was no shame in admitting failure.

“It is, in fact, a sure right step of regaining the lost strength. Zambia is not short of firm and decisive leadership and indeed there are many men and women that can fill this gap,” said Apuleni.

“Speaking for myself, I can, without doubt, state that Mr Hakainde Hichilema has over the years exhibited that firmness and decisiveness this country needs right now.”

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