Chilenje women, children protest load-shedding

WOMEN and children in Chilenje in Lusaka yesterday protested the long hours of ongoing load-shedding.

Zambians are currently enduring up to 17 hours of no electricity supply – the worst power deficit in recent memory.

Many small medium enterprises operating saloons, barbershops, and butcheries in the compounds are the most affected by the outages.

On Friday, President Edgar Lungu said the government was working to end the load-shedding but was not sure when that would happen.
Asked why some areas in Zambia were experiencing more than 15 hours of load management, President Lungu said: “I don’t know”.
Yesterday, the fed up women and children of Chilenje mobilised themselves and marched to a Zesco substation near Woodlands Police Station in protest.

Their assembly was however short-lived, as police officers dispersed them before they could damage anything.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said no arrests were made but warned that protests must not be targeted at vital installations.

Katongo said the protesting group of women and children should have taken their complaints to the Zesco office instead of a sub-station.

On Monday, Ng’ombe residents marched to the Zesco offices in the area to complain about the long hours of load-shedding.

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