Kapoche headmen praise UPND member, berate their MP

SOME village headmen in Kapoche ward have praised a UPND member Elias Zulu for exhibiting honesty and faithfulness by delivering his promise of cement compared to others who had cheated them in 2016.
Speaking on Monday at Petulo village after a handover of 15 pockets of cement towards the mending of a dam, headman Nyamtuma Phackson Njobvu told Zulu that it was surprising that within two weeks from the time he made the promised, he had fulfilled it.
He said communities need such determined people.
“There are people who cheated us in 2016 that they will do this and that for us but up to now there is nothing happening. Over the same dam, they came begged poles saying a caterpillar will come to work on a dam for us but now its 2019 the dam is still the same,” he stated.
“When you do good, not everyone can appreciate but remain strong and determined. We have a good report of you which we can tell others. Two weeks after you promised, you have fulfilled. We need such people like you. Charles Banda, our MP, is a liar as he has failed to use his pocket monies towards development yet he is in government but a mere person does it. We need people like you who keep promises because there is a parable saying ‘that which you underrate is what impregnate your mother’. We had underrated you but you have shown us you are a man, thank you Zulu,” said Nyamtuma.
Meanwhile, host headwoman Petulo Rebecca Zulu asked Zulu not to lose hope over the few people that graced the event saying people have been cheated always and they have lost confidence in politicians.
“We are used to being cheated and people feel the meetings are a waste of time to them; that is why you have seen a low attendance but once they hear what you have done for their community, believe you me, you will see next time. All I can ask you is keep thinking for us, we need a lot of things as you have said but we can’t ask at once but always look back and remember that we are here for you and be there for us. Help us now and when time comes when you need us we shall be there to support you. Even us headmen, we did not believe you when you promised but truly you have injected confidence in us….” said headwoman Zulu
A senior citizen Edson Daka told Zulu that a fight for a political position was not easy as it required perseverance and focus.
“Iwe Elias, I can’t call you honourable now, though I know you are targeting it but my son, what I can advise you is that a fight for a political leadership is not easy to get, it requires you to be strong. If you are not strong, you won’t take the position of your desire, fight for it, let people see leadership in you, then the blessings of you being the MP will just unfold. Elias to tell you the truth, any politician who will give us developments like a dam and road, even a child will vote for him,” said Daka.
People complained about the bad state of roads in Kapoche Constituency and that Banda seemed not interested in working on them.
They also said Banda stopped visiting their area saying he had areas to visit where people cannot tell him the truth.
“Charles can’t come here, he is a liar as the road has failed him, so the road we worked on next time he tries to come here, we shall block him. In fact, he doesn’t visit us, he visits areas where people are shy to tell him point blank, he likes areas where cinamwali is done in public,” said another village headman.
And Zulu told them that he was a member of UPND was was in the area to provide development without attaching it to politics.
He advised people to utilise their rights to choose the political party of their choice without intimidation or force.
“I am Elias Zulu, a resident of Makina village but currently I live in Lusaka where I am doing some businesses. I am also a member of UPND party but here I am not attaching this gift to politics. It is our constitutional right to belong to the party of our choice without force but on this for a, I want to urge you to remain united because development will only come where people are united. Your cooperation and unity will attract a lot of well wishers to help you. So I urge you headmen that sensitise the people not to be selective over meetings to attend as they might make the community lose something since others might want to do something depending on the huge number of people they find,” he said.
Zulu, accompanied by traditional leaders, toured the broken dam.
All nine village headmen and two chieftainess Nyanje’s indunas who attended the meeting blessed Zulu and wished him God’s blessings to find more money to help communities.

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