What type of a democrat is Lungu?

If Edgar Lungu is a democrat then democracy must have changed its definition, meaning.

Edgar says, “For me, I’m a democrat! How many times have I been fought by way of contestation? So many! I can say I’m a champion of democracy; I’m a leading player in democracy.”

What type of a democrat is Edgar?

One who is intolerant of opposition!

One who trumps up treason charges against opponents, gets them tortured by his police officers, locks them up in Mukobeko Maximum Prison for months! That is what Edgar did to Hakainde Hichilema.

One who brings up corruption charges against those he differs with and gets them arrested and prosecuted! That is what Edgar has done to Chishimba Kambwili.

One who orders his police officers to occupy a political opponents house without any court order or process whatsoever! This is what Edgar did to Dr Fred M’membe when on June 22 he ordered police in Chinsali to occupy Dr M’membe’s house at Mwika Royal Village without any court order just to fix him, teach him a lesson.

One who tolerates political violence from his cadres! Edgar has allowed Patriotic Front cadres to become a law unto themselves, moving in broad daylight with guns, pangas and other weapons maiming and killing opponents with impunity. Police officers who try to disarm them are retired in national interest!

One who stops opposition rallies, violets our people’s fundamental rights of assembly and expression without blinking! This what Edgar has been doing.

Ones who closes critical news media outlets. He closed The Post ignoring orders from the Tax Appeals Tribunal and liquidating it on an ex parte order and some questionable consent orders. How many television and radio stations has Edgar harassed and closed?

One who threatens judges if they rule against him. Edgar warned of consequences if the Constitutional Court judges stopped him from having a third term of office! Edgar has destroyed the independence and credibility of the judiciary and the country’s entire judicial process.

One who enriches himself in a very short time after becoming President and fails to account for his sudden wealth!
The list seems endless. We can go on and on!

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