Amos keeps DEC waiting

WHAT should have been Amos Chanda’s appearance at the Drug Enforcement Commission yesterday turned out to be a PF cadres’ display of folly and acrobatic stunts.

DEC on Tuesday summoned former special assistant for press and public relations to appear before the commission’s Anti-Money Laundering office without fail.

However, it was PF cadres who turned up and stole the limelight as they chanted party slogans and singing.

Led by Lusaka Province PF youth chairman Daniel Kalembe, the cadres partially blocked the entrance to the offices while hurling insults at officers who stopped them from entering the building.

They performed acrobatic stunts right in the DEC offices’ drive way and refused to leave the premises.

“Tapaba abo tutina ifwe, tutinafye Edgar Lungu. Kuti twakusompola elo wamwenako. Iwe Chi**la tawatwishiba ifwe, kuti twakulemanika (There is no one that we fear, we only fear Edgar Lungu. We can snatch you so that you see…You don’t know us, we can maim you),” shouted the cadres.

When asked why the cadres had thronged the DEC offices, Kalembe said they had come to give solidarity to Chanda.

“He is our friend, our comrade and a friend of the party, so we have come to give him moral support as a party. He needs to persevere, we know that these are politics as he was one time very close to His Excellency the President so he has to put in mind that he has got a lot of enemies,” said Kalembe.

Chanda, however, kept the officers at the DEC waiting from 09:00 for his scheduled appointment and by press time, he had not shown up.

But according to DEC spokesperson Theresa Katongo, Chanda phoned the commission stating that he would avail himself by 10:00 hours instead of the scheduled 09:00 hours.

At 13:30 hours, Chanda had not shown up and Katongo said he had not communicated any form of programme change.
She however told journalists that the commission was still awaiting Chanda’s arrival.

Katongo added that the Commission would decide the next course of action if he did not avail himself.

“He was supposed to come at 09:00 hours, then he called himself that he will come at 10:30 but up to now we have not received any official communication after that,” Katongo said.

“We will cross the bridge when we reach there. So we are still waiting for Mr Amos Chanda to appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission. We have not received official communication on why he has not yet appeared. If he doesn’t come, we will see how we are going to handle the matter as an institution.”

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