Lungu is drunk with power – Chifire

EDGAR Lungu is drunk with power but he needs to be reminded that he is the weakest President Zambia has ever had, says Gregory Chifire.

Commenting on President Lungu’s statement that NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s mouth was the reason his businesses have suffered, Chifire said the Head of State was worse than late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin as he was the law unto himself.

Chifire said President Lungu was a living example of what absolute power can do as he abuses authority with impunity.

“Edgar Lungu really amazes me. The man is drunk with power. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The man, walks it, drinks it, lives it, and says it all the time. This is all this man knows – abusing authority, we don’t speak from without,” he said.

“Most of us know that Mr Lungu has a very bad heart. He pretends to be a good man. He pretends to be humble. No, he is none of these. He was pretending to be good, to be humble because he neither had money nor political power. Now that he has both, we shall see his true colours. He is worse than Idi Amin. The man is the law unto himself.”

Chifire accused President Lungu of having cheapened the presidency into fighting individuals and settling scores with his perceived enemies.

He said it was beneath the dignity of a President to be squeezing legitimate businesses for citizens simply because those citizens are offering checks and balances.

“What he admitted with his own mouth about squeezing Kambwili’s business because the latter has been exposing his corruption is a shame. What does Lungu really think? Does he think he owns this country? How many people has Lungu victimised for speaking against his corruption? How many has he silenced for criticising his lack of leadership skills? This man is a disaster,” Chifire said. “But let him wait, he will not be in government forever. One day he will dance ‘pelete’. Otherwise…it shall be do unto others as you would love them do unto you. People are watching. What he is doing to others shall definitely be done unto him.”

He said if President Lungu had put in the same effort he puts in squeezing his opponents towards developing the nation, the country could not have been in the mess it currently is.

“The man only knows to squeeze his political enemies. He fights women who sell in the market; he fights children who sell on the street for as long as they oppose his thievery. We did not vote for him to be closing down our businesses. We voted for him to bring about development, which he has failed. Now because he has failed to govern, he is directing his anger towards his political opponents. What a shame,” Chifire said.

He said President Lungu was allergic to criticism.

Chifire, who is director of Southern African Network against Corruption, said President Lungu was scared of anything that challenges his hold onto power.

“The Bible is not wrong when it says that the wicked runneth when no man pursueth them. The guilty are always afraid. If Lungu was innocent, he couldn’t have been fighting his perceived political enemies to a point of touching their businesses. The man knows what he has done. Anyway, one day we shall see. ‘Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the master’,” said Chifire.

“Lungu needs to be reminded that there were dictators on earth before him. Powerful presidents – not like him – but where are they? If anything, he is the weakest President Zambia has ever had. Because he knows that he is the weakest President, he now wants everyone to feel his weight, he wants to legitimise his presidency. Mr Lungu, no! That’s not how you bring about legitimacy and respect.”

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