Uncouth utterances from PF spokesmen

The language of the Patriotic Front media team of Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza is too childish and uncouth to be convincing.

These two young men are completely devoid of decency, manners when it comes to dealing with the opposition. They don’t even seem to care about the ages of their opponents. Where were they brought up? How were they brought up?
Contrast this with the well-mannered, mature and respectful Isaac Chipampe!

Anyway, these are desperate young men trying to justify their allowances. They think insulting and abusing opposition leaders they gain the attention of their political masters.

But such childish behaviour does not help the Patriotic Front and its leader. People don’t like uncouth utterances. People like decency, respectful language.

Often times, the conduct of a party’s spokespersons defines the ethics and culture of the party itself, and unfortunately the Patriotic Front’s political culture has seen a flurry of misconduct and ugly behaviour, with a lot of tussles, bad language and even physical confrontations occurring everywhere.

Although the political environment of the country has never been smooth sailing and politically correct, it has seen an increasingly uncouth type of politics in the past few years of Edgar Lungu’s rule.

While other political parties share the blame for the uncouth political culture, and members of most of our political parties have engaged in unbecoming and foul-mouthed talk, it can be said that Patriotic Front of Edgar has been the most frequent culprit.

Sunday and Antonio have not been advised against their uncouth utterances.

Other political leaders have also noticed a culture of uncivilised and inflammatory rhetoric coming from the top leadership of the Patriotic Front, which has translated into violent behaviour from its followers.

This uncouth language, whether it is coming from the top or the lower ranks, needs to stop. There’s need for civility in our politics and public discourse in general.

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