WHAT is happening at Power Dynamos isn’t funny anymore.

Power, one of the biggest football clubs in the MTN/FAZ Super League, has been in a free-fall for a while now.
There is so much confusion currently happening at Arthur Davies stadium such that you begin to wonder if the club’s secretariat is there to end this confusion or perpetuate it.

Today, the famed ‘Power 90’ is swimming in the relegation zone on the league table among the unsponsored small boys like KYSA, Nakambala Leopards and Lusaka Dynamos – forget Mufulira Wanderers.

Many soccer commentators have been asking what really is the problem with the CEC-sponsored side and I tell them “decisions, decisions, decisions” – wrong decisions for that.

I have been on this for a long time immediately hard-working Justin Kapoma was relieved of duties some years back.
Because since 2012, there have been some strange decisions especially changing team management.

First of all, even if it is the preserve of CEC top management to appoint the executive of the club, there is no need to be changing a chairman almost every year or two. When will one settle down to run through his vision for the club? Where will stability at the club come from? Changing management every now and then doesn’t guarantee results because in the end you end up appointing wrong people to run the club even if those people are good CEC employees or loyal to management. Football is football.

In recent history, the best performing executives at Power Dynamos was that of Chalimba Phiri, the title-winning executive that had Kapoma, Eugene Mpolokoso, George Lungu, Julius Lombe and Precious Musonda.

These men and women had all systems going culminating into winning the 2011 league title with the finest of football on display.

Equally, the Owen Silavwe-led executive picked up where Chalimba left from and though it didn’t defend the league, Power still continued doing well even in CAF competitions but there was another change, understandably because Silavwe assumed a bigger role in CEC, which meant that he couldn’t cope with the demands of both jobs and being MD in CEC. He needed to relinquish that club position.

Silvawe was replaced by one of the best picks, I think, Benson Simukoko, who clearly started laying a very strong foundation. He had a programme not only to recapture the winning formula but to galvanise supporters across the country which would also translate into sales of the team’s paraphernalia as well as paying particular attention to maintaining the club infrastructure.

Simukoko’s term was prematurely cut and only the appointing authority knows why? Otherwise to some of us who are close to the inside happenings at ADS, Simukoko may have his own flaws like any human being, but he is what Power needed after Silavwe’s departure because he proved why he should be at the club after all. It’s been one struggle after another since he left, its fighting relegation, to staying in the top six or top four, but is that Power’s benchmark really?

Fast forward to today, another wrong decision was changes at the secretariat after Ricky Mamfunda left. I argued then and I still argue today, that the best person to have taken over from Ricky was team manager Lombe Chipupu, not that I have anything against my elder brother and friend Happie Munkondya but because folks, let’s not pretend, football is one sport whose success largely depends on the team’s tradition. 

Power Dynamos has a tradition and there are people in and outside the club who understands this tradition, a departure away from the tradition, any club struggles anywhere in the world.

There are a few exceptions but the truth is that these traditional football clubs, Power, Nkana, Kabwe Warriors, Wanderers, Kitwe United, you don’t look far when looking at key positions.

Lombe was not supposed to start learning anything new had he got the job, the climate, the environment and tradition at Power could have easily accepted him and could have made it very easy for him to get going.
Things could have flowed naturally because he knows the dos and don’ts of both the sponsors and the club.
Now we turn to the appointment of coaches, how can you surely fire Kelvin Kaindu with all that he had started doing, then you go and bring back retired Fordson Kabole at 72 years….

Kabole leaves, you make even the worst decision, to recall someone from the pulpit, he is busy delivering sinful souls, you bring him back to sin himself? lol

Today I challenge you people at ADS to show me the team’s daily or weekly tactical programmes since Apostle Gaston Mutubo picked up the reigns? Let’s see it.

When Kabole left, the most sensible thing ought to have been done was to let George Chilufya prove himself, after all he had done a lot at Eagles where he was assistant to Aggrey Chiyangi. Why not give him the mantle than bring in a man whose most recent job was collecting tithe via motivation speeches on the pulpit to come and win the league, really? From Kabole to Mutobo is like digging a pit to bury another, doing same things expecting different results.

Look at the recruitment, when you look at the team sheet, you see all sorts of foreign players who do not merit to play even at Young Power… Maybe only Jimmy Dzingai shows a bit of class but he is not Power material too.
Here is how I back my last argument, how can you have the so-called pros, foreign players, but none of them goes back to their national teams during the FIFA international break? Larry Bwalya, Benson Sakala and Lawrence Mulenga go to play for Chipolopolo, yet your foreign pros remain roaming the streets of Kitwe.

What is the recruitment policy regarding foreign players?

What is driving the team down is poor decision making, this is not Power Dynamos, this is Poor Dynamos. Something must change, we need serious football in Kitwe, we need our Power back! Sorry folks in management you are friends, but work is work.

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