Kitwe police charge Kambwili with conduct likely to cause breach of peace

KITWE police this evening arrested and charged National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili with conduct likely to cause breach of the peace.

Kambwili has been detained at Kitwe Central Police.

The former information minister was fined K54, which he paid but officers handling his case detained him.

Heavily armed police officers picked Kambwili after he launched his party, NDC, at Changanamai Grounds.

His arrest is in connection with his visit to Chisokone market where a scuffle erupted between PF and NDC cadres. PF musclemen wanted to eject Kambwili from Chisokone by were overwhelmed by NDC.

Two NDC officials were arrested earlier in the morning.

Initially, police surrounded Lunte Lodge where Kambwili was to pick him up for questioning.

Tear gas was discharged as police wrestled to drag Kambwili to Kitwe Central Police Station.

Over 50 armed officers were deployed at Lunte Lodge insisting that Kambwili accompanies them to the police station.

His apprehension was characterised by wrestle and pull but Kambwili refused to get into the waiting police van but got into his car and locked the doors.

Police presence was heavy at Central Police.

According to the officers, Kambwili broke the law by going to Chisokon Market.

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