Nyirenda asks Lungu to bring polls forward

NATIONAL Restoration Party president Steve Nyirenda says at 60 he is not young thus has the experience to excel in the political arena.

In an interview after he took over the presidency of the party, Nyirenda said the country needs a visionary leadership otherwise Zambians would soon be slaves to foreign investors who are being favoured by the current administration.

He said having been a successful businessman he would make a good President because running a country was merely administering companies on behalf of other entrepreneurs.

“I am not a very young man. I am 60 years old with quiet some experience according to my knowledge and I belief…I strongly feel that our country needs a visionary leadership, looking at certain issues that are happening. I think if you provide leadership that can provide solutions to the challenges that we are having then you would have made it,” Nyirenda said.

He said Zambia had everything that would make it a rich country but that it was failing to govern itself and use the available resources.

Nyirenda added that the country was lacking politicians with the ambition to provide a credible leadership that would change Zambia’s fortunes.

“Zambia has got everything, more than enough. We are only 17 million people on a landscape that can save perhaps 300 million people, even more but we are failing to govern ourselves. We are failing to use the resources that we have and the reason is simple, it’s because there is nobody who has got that ambition to provide that leadership, that’s the main thing,” he said.

Nyirenda said with the bad business environment, indirectly the PF had squeezed everybody even those that are not in business.

He said there was nothing to fear about jumping on the political battlefield.

“Isn’t business already squeezed by them not providing platforms…. Everybody today is crying even those that are not in politics they are crying that the business is bad. Indirectly they have squeezed everybody,” Nyirenda said. “Let me say this, if perhaps I was not a father, if I did not have relatives, if I didn’t care for the people, then I would say let me hold on to my business because they will finish it. But since I care for the people and the businesses from which I employ people, and it’s for the people – if the businesses are going to be okay and fine, then the landscape of doing business must also be okay.”

He urged all businessmen to stand up and provide leadership so that Zambians could do better business.

Nyirenda noted that what was prevailing now was that Zambians were not doing business and the few that did were finding it hard because the climate was only conducive for foreigners.

He said many Zambian were poor and were treated like slaves.

Nyirenda insisted that there was nothing to fear in politics.

“Foreigners are busy taking all the cake, they are getting everything. Our children are going to be slaves in this country if we leave it like that. In 50 years believe me, all Zambians are going to be slaves to foreigners,” he warned.

Nyirenda also clarified that there was a political party that was registered where he was invited to be president just like NAREP did.

He opted for NAREP because it represented what he also believed in.

“Their core values of not insulting, no violence, those are things that I stand for and I think between me and my friend [former NAREP president] Elias [Chipimo] we have shared quite a lot. So if I am invited that come and fill in this which is near the finishing goal, why should I go back to the starting point? It just makes sense for me to take it and take it to the finishing line than go back. I do not want an invented wheel,” Nyirenda said.

He said with his experience and leadership in managing businesses, he was well placed to administer Zambia better.

“Running a country has got three issues, on the other side it’s a business and coordination of the three main bodies, the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive. So there is some administration part of it and business part of it. Believe me, you can’t separate these things. Like I said, God said govern Zambia, and governing Zambia is running a businesses of Zambia,” said Nyirenda. “Governing the resources that are there, governing the economy. I have worked with presidents before and I am well vested in doing business for the nation.”

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