PF stands no chance with me on 2021 ballot, says Kambwili

THE Chickens have now come to roost; nalimwebele umwaice Amos Chanda, was Chishimba Kambwili’s comment following the arrest of President Edgar Lungu’s former aide.

And Kambwili says with his name on the 2021 ballot paper, the PF knows that they don’t stand a chance to form government.

Meanwhile, Kitwe’s Chisokone Marketeers yesterday complained to Kambwili saying “load-shedding yatupesha, Kambwili kalubula wesu isa niwe tulelolela”.

Kambwili, who was not only once but many times insulted and demeaned by Chanda when he served as press aide, however, said he would not derive pleasure in seeing another person arrested.

The NDC leader said he sympahised with Chanda’s predicament although he maintained that it was foretold.

He insisted that people abusing with public funds and service must be able to answer for their wrong deeds.

Kambwili recalled that he used to warn Chanda that nobody was above the law and should therefore be careful with his conduct and behaviour towards other people.

“Nobody wants to see anybody get arrested. I would not derive pleasure in seeing somebody being arrested but I think when we are dealing with public funds and public service, people must be able to answer for their wrong deeds. I used to warn my young brother Amos that nobody is above the law and that he should be very careful with his conduct and his behaviour towards other people and obviously towards public funds and institutions,” Kambwili recalled.

He wondered why Chanda was only arrested when he was out of State House.

He lamented that the arrested of Chanda after he was out government clearly showed that as long as one was serving in President Edgar Lungu’s government, no matter how corrupt they are, they would not be touched.

“When Amos was at State House, he presented himself as if he was above the law but obviously when we say there was corruption in this government (PF), everybody was saying bring evidence but what is most disheartening is that why should Amos be arrested only when he is out of government? That those serving in Edgar Lungu’s government can only be ‘touched’ when they differ with him is unfortunate and we are not going to fight corruption in this way.”

Kambwili noted that there were many issues pending that Zambians knew were acts of corruption but no action had be taken.

He further said the most critical and visible act of corruption was one of the 42 fire tenders that cost the nation $42 million in which home affair minister Stephen Kampyongo was implicated.

He lamented that regardless of him producing a white book from the Road Transport and Safety Agency showing that the truck bought by Grandview, the contractors of the Fire Tenders, was registered in Kampyongo’s younger brothers names, nothing had been done to that effect.

Kambwili warned that many government leaders in the PF would be arrested once they leave office.

He advised PF government leaders to learn a lesson to what was transpiring to Chanda.

“When I said there was corruption at State House, many said Kambwili was bitter but where is the bitterness? Is it me who has arrested Amos or it’s the law? I want to warn even those serving and are corrupt…we know them…. Health, defence, energy, mention them, we know people who are corrupt but just know that the hour for reckoning will come just the way it has come for Amos Chanda,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili said the PF’s desperation to make sure he does not appear on the ballot paper in 2021 was worrying.

He said the hiring of private prosecutors in his defamation case showed that PF was having sleepless nights about his ‘More volume’ stance ahead of 2021.

Kambwili said the PF knew that with his running for presidency, the PF stood no chance to retain power and they want to frustrate his efforts to actualise his dream of becoming the saviour Zambia needs.

He added that hiring private prosecutors by the State in his matter was a waste of money that should have gone to other important social sectors.

“I want to know how much money the State is spending on those four lawyers and from which budget line. Spending government money without approval by Parliament is an offence. And we shall be here to see if they will hire private prosecutors in the case of Amos Chanda. What did Zambians do to deserve this kind of mediocre government? If they can fail to pay for electricity, why hire four lawyers to persecute a man with a misdemeanor? You can see that this leadership is a failed leadership, so it’s up to you the people of Zambia, as we go to 2021, ifintu ni Mbwili,” said Kambwili.

Kambwili, who was in Kitwe to launch the party in the mining town, decided to visit the market to buy fish and the welcome was more about lamentations from the traders.

The traders, mostly women surrounded Kambwili, who took time greeting them as he did his shopping.

“Niwe tulolela tata, ala load-shedding yatupesha, imitengo ya fintu nayo ala yacila twacula isa we Tata utulubule (we are waiting you father, load-shedding has completely finished us. Prices of goods too are too high, come father and redeem us),” said the traders who were visibly excited to see the former Roan Constituency member of parliament.

As Kambwili was basking in the thunderous welcome, a number of cadres tried to stop him from proceeding with his shopping.

PF muscular cadres tried to flex their muscles to stop the jubilation but Kambwili’s security overwhelmed them and were driven out of the market.

Kambwili later expressed disappointment over the behavour of the cadres.

He said although President Edgar Lungu announced that the PF would remove cadres from the market and bus stations, it was clear that his statement was mere rhetoric.

Kambwili further lamented that the suspected cadres deflected tyres to one of his branded campaign vans in an effort to stop him from proceeding with his shopping.

“Should we be scared to go to Chisokone because we are in the opposition? Everybody knows that Chisokone is a deport for dry fish, so everybody who wants to buy dry fish in bulk goes to Chisikone Market. Should I be scared to go to the market because I am Chishimba Kambwili? The police should take action and arrest these people because we know them,” said Kambwili.

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