WE’RE GOING FLAT OUT…to mobilise the C/belt; Kopala is our second home – HH

LET’S work or else people will come and punish us if we don’t, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has warned his party officials on the Copperbelt.

And Hichilema has encouraged Zambians to register as voters and vote for his party as the PF had “run down the economy.”

“To our people out there, your duty is simple: obtain NRCs, voters cards and when time to vote comes, vote for Hope and Help. The PF under Mr Lungu have run down the economy but let’s be assured, we have a solution, it will be fixed by our able team,” he said.

“The people have placed their hope and help in us as a party and therefore we must deliver on what we have promised as our economic promises coupled with good governance and the rule of law. This is what we told our party officials during the fundraising dinner at Protea hotel in Ndola on the Copperbelt, last [Friday] night. To our party officials, now is time to work and work only, failure to do so, abantu bakesa tukanda ( people will punish us),” Hichilema cautioned. “Clearly, abena Kopala naba punkamo (Copperbelt residents have caught the fever) and it’s all high-fives, mpaka lintente.”

Hichilema added that his party would go flat out to mobilise on the Copperbelt and mobilise.

“Kopala is our second home and we will therefore ensure that our presence is consolidated even further. We consequently told our party officials not to take the people of the Copperbelt for granted but ensure that we deliver on our promises and carry on intensive mobilisation exercises and also listen carefully to what the grassroots have to say,” he stated.

Hichilema advised the party structures to remain steadfast and not leave sophisticated tasks to children and ruled out intimidation.

“So let’s keep the hope burning because help is right at the corner. Each one of us as party officials must play a part, including in vote protection as opposed to leaving such serious tasks to our children who can easily be intimidated by the weakened PF, who rely on their thugs. This is not time for just talking, but for action bane, action,” he stated.

“No one should stop us from enjoying our freedom of movements, assembly and association. These are God-given rights and whoever comes in our way will feel the heavy blowing wind. Ala umo tukembana inama mu meno.”

Hichilema stated this in a series of postings on his Facebook page.

The opposition leader also attended Church at Kawama Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kitwe.

“Surely, we know that it is not by our strength and wisdom that we are alive today. We believe God has a plan for us and our nation. Together we must keep praying for our country’s peace and development, said Hichilema.
“Hope and help na Lesa pa ntanshi (with God in front).”

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