Kambwili fears soon cops ‘will just shoot me’

WHEN starting a fight, one needs to access the risks, says Chishimba Kambwili.

Upon his release from custody at midday on Saturday, Kambwili said the PF was feeling his weight.

But “I am fearing for my life, soon or very soon the police will just shoot me because the way they brandished and pointed guns at me was scary.”

Kambwili, who was arrested and charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace, warned that the mouth that made President Edgar Lungu would be the one to destroy him.

The National Democratic Congress leader’s trip to Kitwe incensed the PF to an extent that they attempted to stop him from shopping at Chisokone market where he brought business to a standstill for close to 45 minutes.

Kambwili before holding a rally at Changanamai grounds between Kwacha East and Bulangililo decided to buy some fish from Copperbelt’s biggest fish market, Chisokone.

His arrival at the market halted business as traders and onlookers jostled to have a glimpse of him.

The visibly excited traders took turns to offload their challenges both as traders and citizens to the opposition leader.

But as Kambwili basked in the Chisokone thunderous ‘welcome’, a number of suspected PF cadres led by two muscled lads emerged to try and prematurely curtail his recognition.

The suspected cadres were not amused by Kambwili’s recognition and impressive welcome from the traders thus demanded that he leaves the market immediately.

As the determined two ringleaders charged towards Kambwili and questioned his mission in the market, mayhem erupted.

Kambwili’s security took on the two unruly suspected PF cadres who by now were overturning market tables to show their displeasure about the NDC leader’s mission.

In an effort to protect their leader, the NDC security team took on the intruders but that resulted in a fist of fury.

As his security team on the other side of the market battled to clear the suspected PF cadres, Kambwili went about his business talking to excited traders and buying fish from various stands.

Feeling challenged, the suspected PF cadres went outside the market and deflated tyres to one of Kambwili’s branded bus which was going round the city announcing his planned rally.

Sensing danger, the NDC leader and his team exited the market amid a near stampede as most traders wanted to have a glimpse of him.

Later, Kambwili addressed a rally in Kwacha where he said he had nothing against the PF but had a bone to chew against the rotten leadership of the ruling party.

He said the PF used to ‘kiss’ him on the same mouth they are now saying is rotten.

He detailed a number of economic challenges under the PF government before returning to Lunte Lodge where his team was stationed for the day’s postmortem.

But just 10 minutes after arrival at Lunte Lodge and before he set out for Kitwe Central Police where two of his party official were detained following the Chisokone fracas, a Land cruiser laden with armed police officers drove in and blocked the drive way.

A police officer only identified as Kabungo walked over to where Kambwili was standing, and asked that the opposition party leader accompany them to police station.

Kambwili asked why police drove in armed like he was a criminal but Kabungo was tongue-tied insisting that the details of their visit would be communicated to him at the station.

As Kambwili and Kabungo, who was now identified as second District Criminal Investigation Officer (2ND DCIO), were talking to each other in full view of the NDC cadres and staff at the lodge, another Land cruiser with armed officers arrived.

The gate to the lodge was closed and police were not allowing anyone to leave or enter the premises.
Anxiety and agitation gripped the place as cadres now started exchanging words with the officers refused to allow the police take their leader.

NDC member of the central committee Menyani Zulu and Copperbelt provincial chairman Chipoka Mulenga adamantly refused that their leader be bundled in the police van as suggested by Kabungo and now the Kitwe Central Police Officer-In-Charge Patrick Mutti.

With Kambwili refusing to get onto the police van, Mutti commanded his officers to manhandle Kambwili while others threatened to shoot who ever came in their way.

In the process tear gas was discharged leaving residents at the lodge in tears but Kambwili remained resolute to use his car to the police.

After a pull and push kerfuffle, the police agreed that Kambwili would use his personal vehicle.

At Central Police, about 100 more officers kept vigil as they waited for the NDC leader who was immediately ushered in Mutti’s office.

Arresting officer Kabungo told Kambwili that he had breached the public order Act by going to Chisokone market where his cadres clashed with suspected PF members.

An hour after arriving at the police station and exchange of views on what constituted the public order Act, Kambwili was charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace and was fined K54.

But as he was about to leave, Mutti and Kabungo seemingly received fresh instructions via phone to detain the NDC leader.

He was detained in cells until after 23:00 hours before being released at midnight.

Kambwili said the use of police to instill fear in him would not work.

He said there was nothing the PF would do to stop him as the Zambian people have already made up their mind for change of leadership.

“Bakose, I will not stop here and the more you do these things for me it’s more volume. I am not a type who can be intimidated. I am now becoming suspicious because my life is at stake. I am fearing for my life, soon or very soon the police will just shoot me because the way they brandished and pointed guns at me was scary,” said Kambwili.

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