UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says in 2021, uwafitala akayimwena.

Meanwhile, Hichilema says NDC president Chishimba Kambwili is not a criminal.

After addressing a rally at Kitwe’s Nsansa Race Course on Saturday, Hichilema said economic freedom “is coming tomorrow”.

“Thank you ba Kopala [people of the Copperbelt] for braving the rains and standing tall to renew your Hope and Help in Kitwe’s Nsansa (Race course) area this afternoon. This kind of determination and unity really gives all suffering citizens across the country a lot of hope and something to smile and be proud of,” he said. “2021, uwafitala akayimwena, wantota azakazionela eka! [Whoever does not still believe will see]. Because everyone is saying ni Hope and Help fye chapwa [that’s all]. Ala nga tuli pamo (if we are together) give us high-five imwe, elo punkenimo bwangu, bwangu! [let’s quickly fist-bump]. Economic freedom is coming tomorrow.”

On the arrest of Kambwili in Kitwe on Saturday, Hichilema said the NDC leader was not armed.

“CK is not a criminal. CK was not armed with even a short baton let alone a small arm,” he said.

Hichilema said Kambwili was an unarmed citizen enjoying his rights and freedoms.

Kambwili was charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace after visiting Chisokone market where a scuffle erupted between PF and NDC cadres.

The opposition leader was in Kitwe to launch his party at Changanamai grounds.

Heavily armed police officers picked Kambwili after the launch and his arrest and detention at Kitwe Central Police was reportedly in connection with his visit to Chisokone.

Two NDC officials were arrested earlier that morning.

Initially, police surrounded Lunte Lodge where Kambwili lodging before they picked him up for questioning.

Tear gas was discharged as police wrestled to drag Kambwili to Kitwe Central Police Station.

Over 50 armed officers were deployed at Lunte Lodge insisting that Kambwili accompanies them to the police.

His apprehending was characterised by wrestle and pull but Kambwili refused to get into the waiting police van opting to use his car.

But on his Facebook page, Hichilema wondered “why a police officer, in the 21st century should behave like a pre-stone age individual by brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle with capability to kill a person at 1,500 meters, is just outrageous.”

He urged those that know the “militiaman” to report him to the Police Complaints Commission adding that he needed to be dealt with.

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