I’M NOT BITTER …I forgive all who betrayed and injured, says Mwale

FORMER MMD minister of mines Maxwell Mwale says he has forgiven all those that betrayed and injured him resulting in his imprisonment.

Mwale, who was recently pardoned by President Edgar Lungu, said he harboured no bitterness towards those that betrayed him.

“The Word of God speaks to me that forgiveness is key to positive result prayer life (Mark 11 vs 24 to 25). In that regard, I would like to publicly forgive all those who betrayed and injured me resulting in my conviction. Further, all those who betrayed my trust in this walk of life and as a result, I harbour no bitterness towards them, [they] are forgiven,” he said in a Facebook posting. “Who am I not to forgive, if the Lord Jesus Christ who was sinless laid down His life to make my standing before God righteous?”

Mwale, who was Malambo MMD member of parliament, was convicted for corruption.

President Lungu pardoned Mwale together with three others that included journalist Derrick Sinjela, former ZAF commander Lieutenant General Christopher Singogo and chief Mulongwe.

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