It’s okay for PF to politically mobilise but the opposition!

Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila is on the Copperbelt for party mobilisation and is expected to hold meetings in Mpongwe and Masaiti districts.

According to a statement on the programmes for Mwila, “during his mobilisation engagements, the ruling party CEO will call on all PF members of parliament to go back to their constituencies and explain government programmes including some of the policies arrived at during the recently held Central Committee meeting. He will call for love and reconciliation among leaders and ordinary members and for loyalty to His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the party”.

Political mobilisation is a process by which a group goes from being a passive collection of individuals to an active participant in public life.

What Mwila is trying to do is to mobilise the people behind the regime to strengthen the authority of the government of Edgar.

Political mobilisation is purposive; it has a goal.

Political mobilisation is one of the basic elements of a living democracy and may be catalyst of democracy.
It’s okay for the Patriotic Front to politically mobilise. But it is not acceptable for the opposition to do so!
Edgar doesn’t want the opposition to be allowed to politically mobilise. He is saying the police are perfectly within their right to stop anyone from campaigning.

Responding to The Mast’s question on whether the country was under any form of national security threat which is making police deny opposition parties and civil society the right to mobilise and, or right to assemble,
Edgar said political parties were not going to be campaigning when the country could do other things. He says the country should focus on things which matter like the economy.

What is multiparty politics without the right for political parties to mobilise support?
Every small opposition gathering is harassed, frustrated. Only them should mobilise, campaign!

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