Nevers’ MMD an empty shell, says Mwanza

NEVERS Mumba has won a shell with nothing inside, says Jacob Mwanza.

Mwanza says he and other Eastern Province leadership stand by Felix Mutati’s decision not contest the court ruling in the leadership case of the MMD.

Mwanza on Saturday told the media that Mutati’s decision was paramount to any another action taken by aggrieved former faction members.

“We the 10 provincial chairpersons of the MMD who are behind honourable Felix Mutati, who until the recent High Court decision, was president of our party – have just concluded a consultative meeting on the way forward following the judgment of 5th November 2019,” Mwanza said.

“We shall move forward by whatever means the majority of our members will guide us to take. We will not take what a few members think is the best way forward. We shall respect the views of the majority members because that is what democracy demands. To this end, we wish to categorically rally behind the statement of our leader Mr Felix Mutati who indicated that probably the best way forward is to find a political solution, all other measures are subordinate and auxiliary to the position highlighted by honourable Mutati.”

Mwanza urged members of the MMD to remain united and stand as one as a solution would soon be found and a uniform position would be announced by those who believe in Mutati “who is still an undisputed leader”.

He said Mutati had the people despite losing the court case.

“If you were at the courts that day, the person who looked to have won didn’t look like he had won at all. Yet the person who lost looked like he had won, mobbed by the crowds, that old a good story that Felix Mutati has the people, Nevers Mumba has won the party but it is an empty shell,” said Mwanza.

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