We feel sorry for Lungu because he does not sleep, says Lusambo

BOWMAN Lusambo says President Edgar Lungu does not sleep because he keeps thinking about the people of Zambia.

Lusambo, the Kabushi PF member of parliament and Lusaka Province minister, said he was not shaken by anyone who fights him.

He said this when he addressed a public rally at Milemu grounds in Kabushi on Saturday.

“I have just come to tell you two things here: the high mealie-meal prices and the issue of load-shedding. These are the key issues that I have come to tell you,” Lusambo said.

“His Excellency the President and commander, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is aware that mealie-meal is so high. But he is addressing this issue, so just give him some time and you will see what will happen. He is a listening man.”

Lusambo said President Lungu was not the one responsible for climate change.

“But climate change is not Edgar Lungu! We feel sorry for President Lungu because he does not sleep. President Lungu tells me to work so hard because the people trust us. That is why I don’t fear anything,” Lusambo said.

“Mealie-meal is so high and the President is doing everything. Sometimes the President calls me at 01:00 o’clock. Give President Lungu some time and you will see the change ahead.”

Lusambo said President Lungu should not be blamed over climate change because even other countries were affected.
“Load-shedding is not only in Zambia. There is load-shedding in Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana. Is Edgar Lungu President in all these countries with load-shedding? So why should someone blame Edgar Lungu?” asked Lusambo.

Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube said people should continue to trust President Lungu because he means well to the Zambians.

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