Lungu is a liar, he can’t be trusted

It’s very difficult to believe what Edgar Lungu is saying and trust him.

Not very long ago, Edgar publicly told the opposition to start campaigning for the 2021 elections.

But today this same Edgar is saying the opposite. He is saying the police are perfectly within their right to stop anyone from campaigning.

This is in response to The Mast’s question on whether the country was under any form of national security threat which is making police deny opposition parties and civil society the right to mobilise and, or right to assemble.

Edgar has turned around and is now saying that political parties were not going to be campaigning when the country could do other things. He says the country should focus on things which matter like the economy.

“Are you sure we should be campaigning from 2016 to 2021? I tend to think that sometimes it calls for common sense! You can mobilise, yes somehow, as a political party but are we going to have the frenzy that goes with campaigns during the last three months or six months of elections? Don’t we have a season when we can do these things? Let’s focus on things which matter and things which matter now, is the economy, the wellbeing of this country. Once in a while, yes, you can go and hold a public meeting. But what I’m seeing in Zambia is that we like having fun. It can’t be fun, fun, fun all the time. There are times when you say ‘let’s go and work.’ So for me, is the police not in order to allow these gatherings become a norm? They are perfectly within their right,” says Edgar.

The truth is Edgar is doing nothing but campaigning for 2021. All his movements around the country are the purpose of seeking a third term of office. Anyway, all can see what he is up to. Edgar shouldn’t cheat himself that Zambians can’t see what he is doing. He thinks Zambians are gullible and he can easily fool or manipulate them.

It’s very clear that Edgar is a liar and he shouldn’t be trusted. He is a hypocrite.

How does he want the opposition to concentrate on the economy? How is the opposition going to run the economy of this country?

The opposition should start moving around the country inspecting government projects as he is doing? For what?

And is ZNBC television and radio going to cover opposition leaders inspecting government projects the way they are covering Edgar and allow their views from being heard by the masses of our people?

Edgar has monopolised the state owned and government controlled news media outlets. The only way the opposition can be meaningfully heard is by directly communicating to the people through rallies and other public meetings. But even this Edgar has stopped and monopolised. Only him should be seen and heard. What type of a human being is Edgar? What type of selfishness and dishonest is this?

The truth is Edgar is scared of the opposition mobilising public support through rallies and other public meetings. This fear of losing elections is making Edgar irrational. This fear will lead him to commit crimes. This fear will lead him to rig elections. Not allowing the opposition to hold rallies is tantamount to rigging elections.

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