PF not losing sleep over UPND crowds – Chanda

PF on the Copperbelt says it is not losing any sleep over the huge crowd opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema attracted during a rally on Saturday.

Thousands of people descended on Nsansa Grounds in Kitwe’s Racecourse Township to attend the opposition rally and stayed on even when it began raining.

For many, the crowd at the rally in a province seen as a stronghold of the PF, is a signal of crumbling support for the ruling party.

But Copperbelt Province chairman Nathan Chanda laughed off the fears saying: “HH and his colleagues are good at ferrying people from all over and Photoshop.”

Chanda said lodges in Kitwe at the weekend were full of people who had traveled from different parts of the country to attend the UPND rally.

“We saw how buses were ferrying people from one point to another,” he said.

“UPND is good at ferrying people from different parts of the country to attend their rallies,” Chanda added.

He said the PF would wait to meet the UPND in the 2021 general elections because the ruling party had developed the country through President Edgar Lungu.

“So, us we are not even panicking because HH and his colleagues are good at social media politics, and doing things as they would want to stage manage a function. You know they do photoshoping of photos…this and that. If that is how they want to gauge their popularity, that is up to them,” he said.

Chanda said he had seen similar pictures of UPND rallies on the Copperbelt but the opposition party did not win elections.

He said the PF was voted into power based on its manifesto and that it was delivering.

He said the UPND and other opposition political parties were practicing event-based politics.

The Luanshya mayor said the opposition was taking advantage of Climate Change, energy crisis and high mealie-meal prices to de-campaign the PF.

He said the opposition would have no message in 2021 when PF ends the crises.

He said Hichilema drove on newly-constructed roads in Kitwe as he arrived for his rally because the PF was working.

“Anyway, we will meet them in 2021 in the general election,” said Chanda, who insisted his party believed in actions.

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