I DON’T BELIEVE IN BAROTSELAND…this issue is settled – Mukuni

CHIEF Mukuni says Southern Province is not part of Barotseland.

Adding his voice to the ongoing debate over Barotseland, Mukuni whose chiefdom spans across Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba districts, said the issue of the Barotseland boundary was settled in 1918.

“I don’t believe in Barotseland. To make matters worse, some people say Livingstone is part of Barotseland. I totally disagree. Barotseland does not include Southern Province or North-Western province,” Mukuni said.

He added that people should not confuse the historical demarcation done by the British South Africa (BSA) Company which formed two territories, namely North-Western Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia.

Mukuni said North-Western Rhodesia was administered from Kalomo while North-Eastern Rhodesia was administered from Fort Jameson, now Chipata.

The two territories were amalgamated to form Northern Rhodesia in 1911, with Lusaka established as the capital in 1935.

“People should not confuse these two to mean that Barotseland was what made up North-Western Rhodesia, no sir,” Mukuni said.

He further advised National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) and the University of Zambia’s School of Education to help rewrite the country’s history.

“We have a lot Zambians still believing that Kalomo was the first capital city of Zambia or Northern Rhodesia when it was an administrative capital of North-Western Rhodesia while Chipata took care of North-Eastern Rhodesia. The same need to be done for Barotseland because this issue was settled in 1918 by the Litunga Yeta and that is how Western Province came up,” he said.

The Barotse Royal Establishment has asked First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala where she finds the courage to deny the existence of Barotseland.

The BRE Ngambela (prime minister) Mukela Manyando notes that it is incorrect and a manifestation of ignorance on the part of Namugala to call Barotseland a colonial name.

In her ruling on a point of order in the House recently, Namugala outlawed the use of the name ‘Barotseland’.

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