Kamanga a failed project, says Siwale

[By Bright Tembo]

FOOTBALL administrator Blackwell Siwale says Andrew Kamanga won the 2016 FAZ presidency by fluke no wonder his tenure is a failed project.

Speaking on a Radio Christian Voice programme yesterday, Siwale said councillors put football in the wrong hands by giving Kamanga a chance to be president.

“If you look at his manifesto there is nothing that he has done from the promises he made to the Zambian people. That’s why I say we have put the Zambian football into wrong hands and we knew just two weeks after electing him as president that football was in wrong hands,” he said. “And I pledged to support him but he chose to disappoint us. So what do we do? The current football constitution is not a document that people should rely on and we will discard that and usher in a document that will stand a test of time. We shall not do it privately but we are going to involve all stakeholders.”

Siwale said his time at FAZ will add members from the National Sports Council of Zambia and the National Olympic Committee.

“When we come in, we are going to add members from the National Sports Council of Zambia, National Olympic Committee, to cut the red tape that is normally happening when an event is taking place and not taking blame. The point in case is what happened for the Morocco tournament,” he said.

Siwale said once put to run the affairs of FAZ in the next four months, he will help the association generate funds.

“We intend to raise $10 million during our mandate. How do we do that? We intend to qualify the team to the AfCON twice. The minimum qualification by CAF releases $800,000 and we [are] also interested to motivate the coaches and players to qualify to the World Cup where the minimum for qualification to the World Cup is $10 million. This is the money that is in football and we will put it in FAZ coffers,” said Siwale.

“We also intend to normalise the relationship with government and all stakeholders which at the moment is non-existent and it does not go well on people’s minds, players because people want to see unity because football is a brand. Unity in football under Kamanga is not there and we all know that instead of uniting the football family that was divided during the elections, Kamanga has fragmented it even further and it’s not good for our football. We need a united nation called Zambia for our results to be seen on the pitch.”

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