Kitwe PF youths threaten to close DC Mpundu’s office

PF youths in Kitwe have threatened to close the office of District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu.

But PF secretary general Davies Mwila has warned the youths that he will not allow anarchy.

According to the youths led by Kitwe district youth chairman Kaboba Mukhuzo, the youths are accusing Mpundu of working against party structures.

A notice in one of the PF blogs suggests that the office should be closed on Friday.

But Mwila in a statement issued by PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has warned the youths not to bring anarchy.

“I want to send a stern warning to all those youths who are planning to forcibly close the Office of Kitwe District Commissioner, Mr Binwell Mpundu that they will be met with severe disciplinary action from my office and the police are also advised to deal with anyone who will conduct themselves in a manner that brings embarrassment to the office of the President at district level regardless of who these perpetrators may be. As secretary general, I won’t allow any form of misbehaviour and criminal conduct from any member of the party,” Mwila said.

“The Office of District Commissioner is a public office created by the Republican President and deserves respect and decorum from all.”

He said anyone who had complaints or misgivings with the DC must use the appropriate channels to address their grievances instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Mwila counselled the youths to desist from such unacceptable behaviour as it tainted the image of the party.

He warned any member of the party against using the name of the party and that of the secretary general to engage in illegalities.

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