WE WARNED YOU…now KCM has become another PF conduit for corruption – HH

WE warned that PF would turn KCM into a cash cow, says Hakainde Hichilema.

Commenting on the report that Konkola Copper Mines has in suspicious circumstances awarded a contract worth over US$730,000 to the company of Luashya mayor and Copperbelt PF chairman Nathan Chanda, the UPND leader said the mine had become another PF conduit for corruption.

“We warned that PF would turn KCM into a cash cow, stripping it off, and looting money for themselves at the expense of long term and genuine suppliers, majority of whom have not been paid to date,” noted Hichilema. “Going by media reports, KCM has now become another PF conduit for corruption.”

Some contractors and employees at the mine now under liquidation complained that provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu had turned the mine into a cash cow with the latest award of a huge contract to FM and CBN Company Limited.

The sources that spoke to The Mast on condition of anonymity wondered how Chanda’s company, FM and CBN Company Limited, which was registered not long ago, could be awarded such a huge deal at the expense of those that had been on the suppliers list for a long time.

The sources are worried that the mine would run down further because since the government took over through the said liquidator, contracts have been given to those connected to the government and government officials.

“That company has not been supplying to KCM until now. They don’t deserve that contract. KCM is just giving contracts to all those connected to PF…it’s a cash cow now and we are afraid KCM will soon go down,” the source said.

The contract awarded to FM and CBN Company Limited on November 19 involves ‘Hose piping works for TD5 rehabilitation valued at $730,030.00 broken down as follows: mobilisation and demobilisation – $108,270.00; hire of crane equipment and lifting (TACKLS and LNG) valued at $227,226.000; fabricating, dismantling and laying of HDPF pipes to cost $361,540,000; and excavating of the ground and soft soil valued at $39,000.00.

The total net value of the contract is a whopping $736,036.00.

The contract has Chanda’s mobile number as vendor contact trading as FM and CBN Company Limited and domiciled in Luanshya.

Meanwhile, Hichilema has thanked Zambians for warming up to him.

He said he would continue to learn from the people to better serve them.

Speaking on KNC radio in Kabwe on Sunday, Hichilema said once ushered into power, the UPND government would be “work after work”.

“We believe in hard work and this is why when in government we will work tirelessly until mealie-meal prices are reduced to less than or K50 per 25kg, that jobless youth gets employment, that a bus, taxi, truck and tractor driver is able to feed his or her family,” he said. “That mother trading has capital to grow her business as we take care of her school going children. That load-shedding becomes a thing of the past.”

Hichilema said funds wasted on a presidential jet for “one person to stretch his legs” would be channeled into setting up 10 solar power plants in each of the 10 provinces.

He said each of those solar power plants would supply 80 megawatts and enable the country to say bye-bye to load shedding.

“It will be work after work, after work,” Hichilema pledged.

Earlier, Hichilema attended a service at New Apostolic Church together with Central Province members of parliament including Stanley Kakubo (Kapiri Mposhi), Princess Kasune (Keembe), Chushi Kasanda (Chisamba), Bambi Aubrey Kapalasa (Katuba) and Credo Nanjuwa of Mumbwa.

“Being in the house of the Lord is so enriching and uplifting. We encourage each one of you out there to always pray and give thanks to the Lord God Almighty for the gift of life,” said Hichilema. “Remember that Hope na Help works well na Lesa pantashi.”

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