Opposition, NGOs planning sporadic protests – Kanganja

INSPECTOR General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says no one should complain of the consequences thereof by those planning countrywide protests.

Kanganja says the police have received information by some opposition political parties and NGOs to conduct sporadic illegal protests.

In a statement yesterday, Kanganja claimed that among the issues the opposition and NGOs wanted to protests about was load-shedding and the infamous Constitution [Amendment] Bill No. 10 of 2019.

“We have received information to the effect that some opposition political parties working in collaboration with some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have planned sporadic illegal protests around the country on the following issues: Load-shedding, Truck drivers conditions of service, Bill number 10 amongst other issues. Further, information has revealed that the said groupings have also printed T-shirts carrying certain messages and are mobilising musicians and members of the public to protest whilst clad in the said labeled T-shirts,” Kanganja stated. “I therefore warn all of you orchestrating these illegal protests to immediately stop your plans or face the wrath of the Law. I am reminding you that the law on protests is very clear as provided for under the public order Act; it is therefore prudent that all those wishing to conduct any such public activity should follow the provisions of the law.”

He stated that any conduct to the contrary would attract punitive action.

“Any conduct to the contrary will attract punitive action from police and no one should complain of the consequences there-of. I am calling upon members of the public to stay away from such planned activities or they will have themselves to blame,” stated Kanganja. “May I reiterate that the police will not tolerate any public disorder orchestrated by any individual or grouping with a view to disturb public order and peace. Do not say you were not warned.”

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