Who was Lusambo before Lungu made him MP, minister?

The shallowness of these people is frightening.

Listen to Bowman Lusambo: “I have just come to tell you two things here: the high mealie-meal prices and the issue of load-shedding. These are the key issues that I have come to tell you. His Excellency the President and commander, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is aware that mealie-meal is so high. But he is addressing this issue, so just give him some time and you will see what will happen. He is a listening man. But climate change is not Edgar Lungu! We feel sorry for President Lungu because he does not sleep. President Lungu tells me to work so hard because the people trust us. That is why I don’t fear anything. Mealie-meal is so high and the President is doing everything. Sometimes the President calls me at 01:00 o’clock. Give President Lungu some time and you will see the change ahead. Load-shedding is not only in Zambia. There is load-shedding in Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana. Is Edgar Lungu President in all these countries with load shedding? So why should someone blame Edgar Lungu?”
It’s easy to understand why Bowman should adore Edgar. Who was Bowman before Edgar picked him and made him a member of parliament and minister? Die-hard MMD! A kaponya!

Edgar has given Bowman heaven on earth. He never dreamt he would be a member of parliament, minister in his life.
Bowman can’t believe what has happened to him!

For him kumulu ni Lesa, panshi ni Edgar!
The jump is too big to believe!

It is better to keep quiet when one does not have anything sensible to say. So Zambians should forget about high mealie-meal prices, joblessness, massive load-shedding which has not been dealt a dent following importation of 300MW from South Africa and allow the leader to continue daydreaming! So according to Lusambo, things like load-shedding will end as Edgar continues not to sleep? Or is he saying Edgar should be given some time to sleep so that these things should improve? Which is which, bwana Bowman?

It appears things are moving from bad to worse under Edgar’s watch. And the reasons are so obvious; the country is under a heavy debt burden that is sucking almost every little resource being generated.

It will take leadership to steer the country out of this situation, which currently, we don’t have. One cannot talk and push for the return of deputy ministers under such an environment if there is true leadership that keeps awake to solve challenges of our homeland.

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