PF ADMITS…today we can’t tell people ‘more money in your pocket’ – Mbewe

KEBBY Mbewe says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema must patiently wait for God’s time to become Republican president.

Reacting to a recording between Hichilema and Truck Drivers Association representative Clement Chansa that went viral last week, Mbewe said Zambians were now sharp and can no longer believe in fake political rhetoric.

“Mr Hakainde Hichilema must patiently wait for God’s time to be Republican president than engaging himself into outdated type of politics of lies just for the sake of getting to State House,” he said. “So my advice to the UPND is that can they sit their leader down and tell him that politics is no longer about lies, things have changed. Those days you could lie but nowadays Zambians when you promise them something they want to see what you promised them. Today you can’t go to the people and say more money in the pocket or free education, people will know that you are lying to them.”

But “more money in your pocket” is a PF slogan which brought the ruling party into power in 2011.

Mbewe said Zambia was a Christian nation and as a result there was need for those vying for presidency to be people of integrity that upheld Christian values of standing for the truth all the time.

“For those in UPND, God’s time is the best and if God does not allow HH to go to State House in 2021 he has to wait, than him finishing himself by exhibiting desperation to an extent that now people are recording him telling lies in phone call conversations. Let HH wait for his right time or God’s time than to engage in lies, deceitful campaigns, that do not tally with his standing in society,” Mbewe said.

“I think for me HH is my elder brother and I feel sorry when he is caught offside telling lies. I feel so guilt, my conscience is so embarrassed. My own brother, why should he be found in such situations where he is recorded saying things that can never be true? Things that are not representing his image, just wanting to get to State House! So I don’t know how many unions Mr HH has called to promise them offices at State House, free education and free medical bills. Maybe all unions in Zambia might open offices at State House when he comes to power who knows! This strategy he is using of telling lies is outdated, politics has changed today you can’t tell people that more money in the pocket or free education from primary to secondary level because they will know that you are lying. We want Zambians to understand that our brother does not mean well. He just wants to get to State House at all costs by telling lies even to people that wants to vote for him. HH’s desperation is dangerous to the nation.”

Mbewe said Zambia does not require leaders who take advantage of citizens’ vulnerability to get into power.

“We are really getting concerned at the desperation exhibited by some political party leaders like Mr Hichilema,” he said. “I’m reacting to remarks where HH has been recorded trying to influence the drivers in Zambia to give PF a tough time so that eventually there is regime change. For a leading opposition political party leader to behave in that manner or a person who is aspiring to hold the highest office of this land to incite drivers to hold on their protest, to encourage people to change the regime through a method of deceit, I think it is not acceptable. There is no way you can lower yourself deceiving people, to cheat them that go on strike to try and influence them to remove President Lungu and PF from government, and that you will work with them at State House, that their children will have free education, free medical bills for drivers where ever they are, whether in South Africa.”

He said Zambians had an opportunity to see who was a capable leader between President Lungu and Hichilema.

“Every Zambian has seen that President Lungu has always been truthful in everything that he says but we have someone from the other side who wants to take over leadership of this country by deceiving and lying to the Zambian people,” Mbewe said. “Which provision of the Constitution is he going to use to finance drivers when the drivers are sick? Which ministry is he going to use to finance school fees for the truck drivers’ children? Zambians can tell that what the man says is never correct, this is the man who is lying even before going to State House. I’m glad that Mr Chansa, a truck driver he was talking to asked him to sign a memorandum of understanding.”

Mbewe said what was expected from Hichilema was to explains his plans if elected into government.

He recalled that recently, while in the US, Hichilema said investors had pledged US $25.8 billion in the first five years if he was elected president in 2021.

“Zambians are not looking for a leader who should go and borrow money but at how the country can be improved like what PF is doing to take development to all parts of the country. You cannot ask what the PF has done but you can see that HH is just a liar, treacherous, and deceiver,” said Mbewe. “We want to warn Zambian people not to accept leaders that are not telling the truth. They should not accept leaders that are there to deceive them no! And they should understand that even the Bible is against lying.”

Mbewe’s comments however are in stark contrast to President Lungu’s views on borrowing. Last November, President Lungu said his government would continue to borrow “without shame” for investment.

“If we run out of money, we shall responsibly borrow to improve the lives of the country…We have borrowed and invested than any other government from the Kaunda era,” said President Lungu.

And in June this year during the SDGs panel discussion in Kigali, Rwanda, President Lungu said there was no country in the world that does not borrow.

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