[By Bright Tembo]
FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says his desire is to make the association financially independent.

And Kamanga says whatever way one looked at football management, his administration is on the right path.

Speaking during a Football Association of Zambia secretariat staff strategic planning workshop at Tecla Lodge yesterday, Kamanga said seeing the association become financially independent was his long-term goal.

Kamanga implored secretariat staff to aspire for high levels of professionalism in their management of the game.

“Everyone thinks there is a lot of money at FAZ. The only crime I have committed is to stop some of the things that used to happen. Previously when there was a game, FAZ used to spend about K500,000 on match organizing committees,” he said.

“Let us make FAZ financially independent, all of you are wearing the KoPa replica and looking nice. That is one of the initiatives we have put across, there are people who will never see anything good in what you do.”

Kamanga said it was very important to understand the structure of FAZ before anyone apportioned blame.

“FAZ has the council at the top, then the executive committee and the secretariat and then there are various committees,” he said.

“I always find it surprising that whenever the national team loses then it is Kamanga as if I play all the positions from goalkeeper to number 11. I was even accused of choosing the colour of socks for the national team when we have FAZ colours registered with FIFA.”

Kamanga urged secretariat staff to keep abreast with the activities of various partners to FAZ such as government, COSAFA, CAF and FIFA.

He said the KoPa initiative could be harnessed to levels where top clubs and other associations started purchasing it.

“Whatever way you look at it, we are on the right path. Maybe people will appreciate these efforts after 10 or so years. When you are working people think you are doing nothing,” said Kamanga.

Following strings of losses for the junior and senior national teams, Kamanga’s opponents have been pushing for his removal, blaming him for the eventualities.

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