Empty and hypocritical words

Inonge Wina says politics in the country have become divisive. She’s right.

But hers are empty and hypocritical words worse than those of the Pharisees.

And Inonge says the duty of Christian workers to society is to bring peace among the warring groupings, especially politicians.

“…because our politics in the country have become very divisive, but I think most of us as politicians belong to churches and the churches should take it upon themselves to counsel the politicians because it is through politics the laws of this country are made. It is through politics that we get young men and women to participate in decisions that govern their country and if we allow issues that divide us it means that even the laws we make will be prejudiced to favour this group or that group. That’s why it is important for the church to be vigilant to ensure that your church members who are politicians are counselled and are helped to tow the line of the One Zambia, One Nation motto,” says Inonge.

But Inonge’s party is the champion of divisions in the country. It is the most divided and divisive party.

It’s a party that doesn’t hesitate to expel members who want to challenge Edgar Lungu’s leadership. They expelled Chishimba Kambwili! They expelled Kelvin Fube Bwalya! They drove away Harry Kalaba!

Look at how they hounded Wynter Kabimba out of the party!

Look at how they deal with opposition political parties! To them political opposition is enmity and the enemy must be “crushed like a tonne of bricks”.

Even church leaders who have questioned their policies and practices have been treated like enemies.

The only church leaders they entertain are those corrupt ones who seek all sorts of favours from them and sing their praise.

Inonge says the church should take it upon itself to counsel politicians! Which politicians? And which church?
Can Edgar be counselled by any church? Hasn’t the church tried to do this? What has been Edgar’s reaction?

Edgar rejected and denounced the church’s efforts at national dialogue and reconciliation and proceeded to try and amend the Constitution with his own supporters and stooges!

There’s no credible church leadership Edgar and his minions will listen to; they only listen to their own inner demons.

So, what Inonge is saying is mere talk – it’s sweet nothings! They speak nice words with their mouths but their hearts are factories of evil, hate and division. They have not only caused divisions in the politics of our country but also in the church.

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