Govt pledges fair funding to all sport associations

[By Bright] 
SPORTS minister Emmanuel Mulenga says come 2020 government will give more attention to other sports associations than football. 

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka, Mulenga said there will be equity in distribution of funds to other sports associations than concentrating only on football. 

“They will be equity distribution of funds. Come 2020 we won’t incline more on football than any other sports discipline. What these other sports associations should do is that they need to register their presence and performance on the continent,” he said. “Let them come amongst the best and if they go for continental championships, we will put up the money then they will go.”

Mulenga said what government is doing is to offer material and financial support to all sports associations. 

“We just offer financial and material support to all sports associations. If you look at football, government does not sponsor or finance their internal activities, what government does is to sponsor continental activities. So if they are going for COSAFA government does not sponsor them,” he said. “If they are continental championships for other sports associations then we are ready to sponsor them because there will be equity distribution of finances come 2020.”

Lately, there has been a cry by other sports associations that government concentrates much on football than other sports despite their good performances and putting the country on the map.

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