Prosecute Tembo attackers with speed – MMD

MMD vice-president Reverend Reuben Sambo says the attack on PeP president Sean Tembo by alleged PF cadres is plain thuggery which must be prosecuted with speed.

Rev Sambo has condemned the violence that was occasioned on Tembo and some of his party members last Thursday.

He said the assault on Tembo, who was conducting a peaceful protest over the scandalous procurement of 42 fire tenders at US $42 million, was very disheartening to see and imagine.

“It paints our politics very badly and leaves us hanging our heads down in shame. We may not agree with each other’s views and style, but we cannot use brute means to hold discussions or to put our points across,” Rev Sambo said. “Nearly 30 years ago Zambia chose the path of democracy so that we as a people can coexist while holding our different positions.”

He said the New Hope MMD, could not possibly see how hacking an opponent with a stick, a clobber, a machete or brandishing a gun resolved anything at all.

Rev Sambo said politicians who sponsor and perpetrate such vices belonged to an age so long gone from the national conversation and must not be allowed to come into Zambia’s tomorrow.

“What happened yesterday [Thursday] must not even be glorified as political violence. It was plain thuggery which must be prosecuted with speed. We urge the police to begin removing these violent criminals from society so that we can hold national conversations in peaceful conditions without the threat of attacks,” said Rev Sambo.

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