Hazel retains ZHA presidency

[By Bright Tembo] 
KITWE based sports administrator Hazel Kennedy was on Saturday reelected as Zambia Hockey Association president after going unopposed at the elective AGM. 

Kennedy has been at the helm of Zambia hockey for the past seven years which has seen the country being present at the 2014 Olympic games. 

After the elections, Kennedy said she will make sure that the federation will have a strong league that will help in building the sport. 

“If you look at the teams, you will see most of them are very young and are not working which makes it difficult for them to sustain themselves in terms of developing the sport, and hockey in the country has been through a lot of turbulence. And me being reelected I have to make sure that we have a strong league. My focus is to improve the league that’s on my agenda,” she said.

“We also need to have our statutes in place because they will help us develop the sport because the constitution needs to be making sense that it can bring a lot of people on board, that will help in growing the sports. ”
The election saw new faces in the positions of committee members as Ishmael Mbatata was elected as committee member. 

Mbatata has become one of the young sports administrators.

Mbatata said he will be hopping to use the experience he has from managing Alpha Cricket Academy to grow sports.
“I want to bring my experience from cricket to hockey. My focus will be on the coaches and players plight. These are two important elements in sports development. Players should be motivated together with the coaches and with proper board and structures this will definitely work out,” said Mbatata. 

The six-member board saw Thomas Mumba being reelected as general secretary while Elvis Bwalya was elected as an executive member.

Young and Sharp coach Floyd Chomba contested the position of executive member but lost./LM

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